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International Wrongful Conviction Day with VOCAL NY

October 2 @ 12:00 pm

Please RSVP here to join us on International Wrongful Conviction Day – October 2nd.
As you know, the Challenging Wrongful Convictions bill passed the legislature at the end of June and is currently awaiting the Governor’s signature. It will be up to us, collectively, to build the pressure to move her to a YES on signing.
The bill passed the legislature with strong majority support, and is supported by polling that indicates the majority of voters also agree with the bill. A small handful of District Attorneys, as well as the District Attorneys Association of New York, and the Manhattan Institute are the only public opposition voices so far. Meanwhile our coalition is growing every day.
Here is a recent op-ed in support of the bill, please feel free to share across your networks if you are able.
Most importantly: October 2 is International Wrongful Conviction Day – and here in New York, it’s a recognized day in New York State, thanks to a resolution that our Governor signed earlier this year.
We are holding a rally to mark the day – and push the Governor to sign this bill – on October 2nd. We will be meeting in Foley Square in New York City and expect to have rallies elsewhere around the state as well. You should be able to download the flyer above and please share it with your networks.
Can you make it? How many people can you bring? Please RSVP here.


Foley Square