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Dear Nada,
Following up from our conversation, I would appreciate your forwarding this summary to potentially interested people / organizations. Thank you.
I am on the Steering Committee of the Clean Water is Good for Business campaign, run by the American Sustainable Business Council and four state affiliates. The objective is to build a coalition of businesses and business associations to take action to clean up and preserve the Delaware River watershed, a water source for most of Westchester County and 50% of NYC. As the watershed faces numerous threats, we are recruiting business owners / leaders who care about clean water to become signatories to be part of the growing business support for these efforts. The collective voice of business has a significant impact on gaining support for policy and green stormwater infrastructure solutions to ensure clean water and protect our health. On the campaign webpage, you can download a short paper and add your voice by signing on to the clean water principles. I have attached a 2-page summary document as well. 
The New York Sustainable Business Council has coordinated business support on many fronts. Examples: They have been leaders in banning / regulating persistent toxic chemicals such as PFAS in places where they have the most impact on water quality. As COVID-19 has magnified existing challenges to water systems and demand for clean water, they led creation of recommendations as part of a larger guide for reopening our economy at state and local levels. As business support grows in Westchester and NYC, they will have more power to protect our water. 
We are happy to provide education and answer any questions. Again, the information and sign on opportunity is on the campaign page
Thanks so much and best wishes,

Camille L. Cannistraci
CLC Consulting LLC

Harry is a WESPAC member and the coordinator of the local chapter of JVP.  Thank you, Congressmember Bowman, for your leadership on this.  To date, Israel has vaccinated 33% of its population (over 3 million people) but has not provided vaccinations to the 5 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.  Under international pressure, the Israeli authorities have agreed to release 5,000 doses of the vaccine to frontline Palestinian health workers only. 

Such an expression of commitment from Congressmember Bowman to the inherent equality of Palestinians is unprecedented coming from a member of Congress representing our districts here in Westchester County.  Thank you, Congressmember Bowman:

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From: Harry Soloway <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 1:36 PM

Friends –
In a letter to the Israeli Consulate today, Jamaal Bowman took a strong and thoughtful stand on ensuring that Palestinians receive the Covid vaccine. You can read the letter here: 
JVP Action is asking that as many constituents as possible either email Jamaal’s office or telephone directly at 202 225 2464 to thank the Congressman for taking a strong humanitarian position.
In your communication with Jamaal’s office, you may choose to include the following points:
  • Identify yourself as a constituent.  For Jewish members, identify as a Jewish constituent on the call 
  • Thanking him for making it clear that Israel has an obligation under international law to provide the vaccine to Palestinians and that this is a result of the horrible occupation that harms Palestinians daily 
  • Saying that we are grateful that he is going to hold the Israeli government accountable and we do not want our tax dollars going to fund Israeli apartheid 
One final request, as much as it is possible, please let me know how many calls and/or emails are being made.  

ACTION ALERT! Please call Governor Cuomo 877-235-6537
Tell Governor Cuomo to Ban Spreading Oil & Gas Waste on Roads in New York!
Winter warning! New Yorkers could be driving on toxic, radioactive oil & gas waste. An analysis released in December 2020 showed that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation allows the spreading of oil & gas industry waste on roads for deicing and dust suppression. This toxic waste can contain hundreds of carcinogenic chemicals such as benzene, heavy metals and radioactive contaminants. There have been 119 approvals for road spreading issued by the DEC in Central and Western New York, threatening our water, health, and environment.

New Yorkers applaud as the NYC pension funds, led by Comptroller Stringer and Mayor de Blasio, begin to dump $4 billion invested in Exxon and other Oil & Gas corporations in a historic win for climate action

New York — Today, New York City’s largest pension funds voted to initiate full fossil fuel divestment, selling off an estimated $4 billion of holdings in fossil fuel corporations, such as ExxonMobil. New York City’s announcement fulfills its commitment to divest from fossil fuels. The city’s pension funds, valued at $239 billion are the largest municipal pension funds to divest globally.

“New York City has set a new bar for climate finance action. Today’s landmark action marks a bad day for Big Oil and a good day for the City’s pension systems and our planet. By taking billions out of the companies that own and profit off of fossil fuels, New York City is playing an enormous role in moving the financial industry towards a greener future,” said Bill McKibben, author and co-founder of

New York City’s divestment commitment, made in 2018, inspired further action worldwide. It was followed by commitments from many other large funds, including the City of London, the Norwegian Sovereign Fund, and the New York State Common Retirement Fund. Today’s announcement confirms the City’s commitment to divest from fossil fuels within five years.

“My family lost everything to hurricane Sandy, a climate disaster. I am so happy now to see the pension funds dump billions of dollars of investments in the likes of Exxon. We worked hard to get to this moment. Our movement is rising!” said Rachel Rivera, a Sandy survivor and member of New York Communities for Change.

“Thanks to the Comptroller, Mayor, Trustees and eight years of grassroots activism, we are finally turning the tide against the inertia of business as usual and the funding of our own demise, giving concrete hope for a more sustainable future. May this move inspire other leaders to urgently follow suit,” said Lyna Hinkel, Founder, 350NYC.

Fossil fuel corporations are seen as an increasingly bad risk for portfolio managers and have underperformed financial markets for years.

“New York is a beacon of real climate leadership, as our City’s pension funds divest over $4 billion from climate criminals like ExxonMobil,” said Lindsay Meiman, Communications Manager and lifelong New Yorker. “We are re-engineering resilience, and if New York can do it, every single pension, university, bank, and insurer can cut ties with fossil fuels too.”

The pension fund trustees vote follows previous action to hire consultants to advise the city on divestment (2018 – 2020), prepare a divestment study (2020), and ongoing fiduciary review. 

“It is right and just that, in the midst of the deadly pandemic, our beloved NYC is choosing life over death and acting on its commitment to divest the pension funds from fossil fuel investments,” said Marilyn Vasta, for Peoples Climate Movement NY. “For too long we have financially supported the polluters that harm us; it is time to make polluters pay as we invest in a just transition to renewable energy. Although it has taken almost a decade, from small living room meetings to a city-wide cry for divestment, the Peoples Climate Movement-NY proudly stands today with Comptroller Stringer and Mayor de Blasio, and applaud them for taking this positive step towards a fossil free future.”

Divestment has exploded over the past decade from a symbolic action by small college endowments into a worldwide movement that has led to over $14 trillion worth of investment funds divesting or committing to divest from the oil, gas or coal industries. 

In order to fulfill the Paris climate agreement’s goals of staving off catastrophic climate change, all major finance of fossil fuels and deforestation must end by 2030. 

“Humanity is engaged in an epic battle to save the planet for future generations.The enemy is fossil fuels, and every step that works toward shutting them down is critical. Kudos to NYC for doing its part,” said Jordan Dale with the #DivestNY coalition and 350NJ-Rockland.

Members of the #DivestNY coalition, Comptroller Stringer, and pension fund trustees will view and join tomorrow’s daily briefing held by Mayor de Blasio to detail the announcement and celebrate. The briefing can be viewed live at It is scheduled for 10 am EST.

GARE Presenters

On December 15, we will launch the Justice Roadmap 2021 to call for bold legislative change to decarcerate jails, prisons and immigrant detention centers and address the harms of the criminal legal and immigration systems. 

Join us to demand that New York dismantle systems that criminalize, incarcerate and deport our communities and build a world where all of us can thrive

Big news today! New York State just became the largest pension fund in the world to take comprehensive climate action, including fossil fuel divestment. The $226 billion state pension fund will review and divest from the riskiest oil and gas companies within 4 years and decarbonize the entire fund by 2040. This came after years of campaigning by the DivestNY coalition. 

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In essence, New York State’s Comptroller, who is the sole custodian of of the states $226 billion pension fund has announced that his office will:

  1. Decarbonize the pension fund’s full portfolio by 2040 with interim targets

  2. Complete a systematic review of all fossil fuel investments within 4 years, including divesting from any companies which don’t have a plan to leave fossil fuels behind. This includes transitioning their business away from oil and gas production, servicing or transportation, and alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement”

  3. Engage in rigorous reporting including annual in-depth reports on implementation plus media announcements each time a review is undertaken and completed.  Hiring of new staff to implement the plan.

  4. Commit to a higher level of director engagement including voting against board directors at non-fossil fuel companies that aren’t taking climate action in line with the fund’s decarbonization goal.

Read more about the announcement in the DivestNY Coalition media release and this background document.

In the 8 year history of the divestment movement, this is the biggest announcement by a pension fund and amongst the largest by any financial institution. It goes beyond the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act, legislation that DivestNY advocates had been pushing for years. And it’s all a real testament to the people-powered, inside / outside, lobby and advocacy campaign run by the multigenerational DivestNY coalition for years. 

We did this together – Please help us share the news!