Environmental Educator

Environmental Educator Internship
An Environmental Educator Internship is available starting January 1, 2009 and extending to December 31, 2009.
The Intern will train, educate and support volunteer teams participating in the award-winning Westchester County
Citizens’ Volunteer Monitoring Program (CVMP) sponsored by the Westchester County Department of Planning.
The CVMP trains and supports citizen volunteer teams in the collection of physical, chemical and biological water
information of local Westchester County streams. Each volunteer team is designated a monitoring site and
is responsible for collecting data on that site once a week. Volunteers upload all data collected into an online
The responsibilities of this internship position are:
1. Train volunteers as necessary;
2. Coordinate with the volunteers to schedule monitoring days, assist in problem solving and assist in
collection of field data and analysis;
3. Facilitate weekly uploading of data results;
4. Maintain and stock field equipment;
5. Attend monthly evaluation meetings with the CVMP Program Manager;
6. Analyze data to determine water quality trends;
7. Write data summary reports; and
8. Assist with stormwater and water quality outreach programs, such rain gardens and stormwater best
management practices at Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center.
The Intern will be working at Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center in Yorktown Heights, NY.
Successful applicants will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Environmental Education, Water
Resources Management
, Biology, Chemistry, Forestry, Geology, Botany or related field, excellent communication
skills, website knowledge, field experience, understand general chemistry principles and possess leadership and
motivational skills. The Intern will be required to work at least 25 hours/week during the fall/winter and 30
hours/week during the summer. The rate of pay is $19/hour.
Send resume and cover letter to:
Susan Darling, Associate Environmental Planner
Westchester County Department of Planning
148 Martine Avenue, Room 432
White Plains, NY 10601

Fax (914) 995-3780 or by email to: [email protected]
Westchester County is an equal opportunity employer.
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


WESPAC Director to present at Women of Worth Awards

I have been invited to present at this NOW – Putnam Chapter awards evening.  You are all welcome to attend and join me there:

The First Annual Putnam County Women of Worth Awards

Thursday, November 13, 2008

6 PM

Mahopac Public Library

Mahopac, New York

Welcome to  The First Annual Putnam County Women of Worth Awards.   The Mahopac Public Library , Mahopac , New York.



 What is a Women of Worth Award? It is a women who is accomplished on many levels, to include personal, professional and spiritual. She is valued and places service above herself.  A Women of Worth is a Leader and continues to inspire others. She is humble and respected.  


Opening will be the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, Vocalist TBA


Introduction  of Host: Kathleen G. Meyerson Vice President NOW NY 0470

Reading What is a Women of Worth


 Host for the Evening:

M. Laura Leonard President National Organization For Women, Putnam County NY Chapter 0470


Marcia A. Pappas National Organization For Women New York State President Presentation


Wendy Wild  Member  Westchester National Organization For Women


Elected Officials Presentation

Congressmen John Hall


Presentation from the New York State Senate

Senator  Vincente Liebell

Senior Senator Chuck Schumer

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (in the event of a last minute schedule change) Presenting for Senator Clinton will be Enid Wieshaus Office of the Senator.


Presentation from Putnam County , New York

County Executive  Robert Bondi


The Putnam County Legislation

Legislator  Mary Ellen O’Dell

Legislator  Mary Conklin


Honorable District Attorney Adam Levy


Introduction and Presentations of The Women of Worth Recipients


Lynne Echardt


Susan Spear


Margaret Yonco Haines


Jennifer Maher


Margaret Flannery



Presentation: Retired  NYPD Captain Andrew D. Stefano will receive a Certificate of Merit for holding a forum on Domestic Violence and supporting Women’s Organizations such as NOW and The League of Women Voters.


Tribute from Family, Friends and Associates to the Award Winners


Political Satire Comedy and Recovering Lawyer : Madeleine  Begun  Kane


Welcome the Student Body From Vassar College Women’s Studies Program


Speaker from Vassar College: Ms. Allison Bloom, Women’s Study Program


Nada Khader from WESPAC  Foundation


Christine Torino from  Local Putnam Media


Thank you for coming to  celebrate and honor these women who have and continue to give to the County of Putnam, New York.


This Event catered by Primo Deli of Southeast, New York

Owner: Mr. Michael Mazzi


This Event is  supported by Putnam County NOW Chapter New York 0470. This is the 88Th Year when some very brave and courageous women worked hard to ensure Women’s Rights and the right to Vote, which took place in Seneca Falls, New York. Some of those Women of Worth are Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.


Sign up Tables:

You will have the opportunity to become new members of Putnam County League of Women Voters, WESPAC Foundation, NOW and The Red Cross


There is donation of $20.00 at the door. Please pick up your name tag upon entrance to Event.


It is our hope that this event will continue so that we are able to give a Scholarship to a deserving young Women of Worth, there will be a raffle at the end of the evening, you must be present to win!


Save the date – Tom Neilson at WESPAC










Winner- Kerrville Folk Festival

               South FL Folk Festival

               IMA Song of the Year

18 music awards & nominations


This is very good music and very good politics . Tom Paxton


Biting political commentary, humor, personal
storytelling, and memorable music; His songs, voice,
and guitar all wrapped up into one great package."
 Vicki Ryder, South Florida Raging Grannies


One of the most savvy songwriters I know.

World Soul Records


Jan 21

6 pm


Mapleton Conference Center 

52 North Broadway White Plains


Serving soup, bread, & cider

for supper


Incisive, warm, & very funny; Raucous political satire

&, quick wit; had everyone laughing & engaged . 

Cathy Gilbert, Miami Green Party


Creative & compelling; skewers the outrageous behavior of the  greedy & powerful in corporations, the media & government.       People’s Voice Café Collective, NYC


Does a great job of reminding people

of what is really important, and the power of folk music to say it .         Michael Stock, WLRN, Miami, FL



    $20 Donation

no one turned away


Come network: labor, health, environment, justice, peace, education, homes, have fun, eat, occupy, listen to, & sing along with Tom's award winning songs


[email protected]

Gaza Flotillas have made a difference

Pressure exerted by the campaign has forced real changes, something the international community could not deliver through 'established channels'


  • By Adam Shapiro, Special to Gulf News
  • Published: 00:00 July 6, 2011











As ships continue preparing to depart for Gaza from Greece and as the Greek government continues to serve as the Israeli ‘call centre’ for outsourcing the blockade of 1.6 million Palestinians in Gaza, the myth continues to perpetuate that ‘established channels’ should be used to reach Gaza.

Governments remain comfortable and unchallenged in maintaining a position that the situation in Gaza is untenable, that the blockade must end and that the blockade is illegal on the one hand and that by pursuing these established channels these same governments serve only to reinforce and legitimise the blockade.

It seems only the Palestinian people in Gaza must seek their freedom through established humanitarian channels that rely on the whim of their oppressor and the occasional glance of attention from the international community. Being born in Gaza is being born into a life sentence of living in a virtual cage, without fundamental human rights.

The flotilla effort, initiated by the Free Gaza Movement in 2008 when it sailed small fishing ships to Gaza and successfully reached the port of Gaza, is not about humanitarian aid. It is about Palestinian freedom and their rights to access the world as any other people.

And despite the chorus of “the flotilla is not necessary”, reality on the ground shows that it non-violent direct action that has been the only effective power to make change in the lives of Palestinians.

The pressure applied by the flotilla effort has led to three main changes — in terms of the policy of the siege applied by Israel to Gaza; in terms of the media coverage and public attention to the crime scene that is Gaza; and in terms of compelling governments and institutions to take a position on the blockade.

Israeli policy

After Freedom Flotilla I, Israel came under enormous pressure worldwide, both popular and official. As a result, within a number of days, Israel went from defending its policy of limiting items and goods allowed into Gaza to a list of between 70 and 80 items, chosen randomly and without any justification, to completely reversing track and creating a list of only banned items and having to justify why each item was listed.

While this is far from the success the flotilla was aiming for and certainly did not mean an end to the blockade, it was the first time in three years that any change was made. Even after US Congressmen visited Gaza and complained about the lack of basic food items being permitted into Gaza, Israel barely paid attention.

In the media arena, and shaping public opinion, the flotilla put Gaza back in the spotlight, not just for a short 24-hour news cycle, but for over a month. Journalists based in Israel/Palestine who had accepted the Israeli government’s decision to bar and limit their access to Gaza, were clamouring to get into Gaza and reported the reality on the ground.

Mainstream journalists from the US, Canada and Europe quickly adopted the language of the flotilla, referring to Gaza as an ‘open-air prison’ and showing the reality of the impact of the blockade on all aspects of Palestinian society in Gaza. Furthermore, the flotilla put activists on an even level with Israeli diplomats and spokespersons in news programmes, talk shows and on op-ed pages of newspapers.

Untenable situation

The pressure of the flotilla also caused government leaders, UN officials and international organisations to take firm positions for the first time regarding the illegality of and need to end the blockade.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and presidents and prime ministers from around the world made statements against the blockade and even US President Barack Obama called the situation in Gaza ‘untenable’.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (not yet campaigning for a second term) condemned the Israeli violence. The UN Security Council also condemned the violence by Israel, and even US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was forced to support the Council’s position.

And, in a significant legal development, the International Committee of the Red Cross/Red Crescent (ICRC), issued a determination two weeks after the flotilla that Israel’s blockade of Gaza constituted collective punishment and therefore was illegal according to international law.

With this year’s flotilla, Israel has out-sourced the blockade to Greece, in an effort to stop it without having to incur the wrath of the international community. But even this year, the concrete results of the flotilla are evident. In an effort to address the growing attention, once again, to the situation in Gaza, in early June Israel permitted reconstruction material into Gaza for 1,200 homes and 18 schools for the first time since the blockade was enacted.

A few days prior to that Israel increased the number of trucks of humanitarian aid permitted into Gaza, though that number remained below the number permitted prior to the enactment of the blockade and well below the daily needs of the population of Gaza. Again, due to flotilla pressure, real changes on the ground, something the international community could not deliver through ‘established channels’.

Freedom, however, cannot be delivered through ‘established channels’ and that is the core mission of the flotilla effort. The other major development over the last year that has directly impacted the lives of Palestinians in Gaza (though also insufficient) has been the opening of the Rafah crossing in a limited capacity.

The opening of the crossing occurred only after the Egyptian people rose up and removed Hosni Mubarak and his regime. Their movement for freedom included solidarity with Palestinians and thus the pressure to open Rafah. Egyptians did not seek freedom and reform through ‘established channels’, which were corrupted and useless.

And the international community did not have the hubris to suggest that Egyptians (or Tunisians or Yemenis or Libyans or Syrians) accept some limited quantities of approved items of aid instead of fundamental freedom and human rights.

Only Palestinian demands are discarded. And it is only the flotilla efforts and other forms of non-violent direct action — from protests in the West Bank against the Wall to Boycott, Divestment and sanctions efforts in the West against Israeli Apartheid — that is making these demands heard, understood and able to generate real change.

Our message to the international community: join us in our quest for freedom, and join the tide of history.

Adam Shapiro is an organiser with the Free Gaza Movement. He is also a documentary filmmaker and human rights defender. He is currently in Greece working on overturning the travel restrictions on the Flotilla.


End the Blockade of Gaza!
Tear down the Apartheid Walls!
End the Israeli collective punishment on the Palestinian people!

End the illegal Israeli Occupation of all of Palestine!
Free Palestine!

Support the Free Gaza Movement, US Boat to Gaza, Freedom Flotilla 2 – Stay Human Break the Siege on Gaza!




Palestinian Community Rejects Negotiations

US Palestinian Community Network
www.palestineconference.org + [email protected] + (347) 521-7894
Press Contacts: Monadel Herzallah, US Palestinian Community Network, (408) 849-7977 [California] Hasan Newash, US Palestinian Community Network, (313) 570-9481 [Michigan] Nada Khader, US Palestinian Community Network, 914.449.6514 [New York] Hatem Abudayyeh, US Palestinian Community Network, (773) 301-4108 [Illinois] *Press contacts will be available in both English and Arabic
September 1, 2010
Palestinians in the United States say that renewed negotiations do not represent the will, or the rights, of the Palestinian people, Palestine is not for Sale
WHAT: Press Conference by Palestinians in the United States to say “No” to Washington
WHERE: Outside the US State Department, 2201 C Street NW, Washington, DC
WHEN: 9 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010
On Thursday, September 2, as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepare to meet in Washington, DC for a new round of direct negotiations, the Palestinian American community will convene at the State Department to demonstrate their support for Palestinian collective rights and reject the ongoing negotiations that marginalize and undermine them. The US Palestinian Community Network, a Palestinian community based organization with members and affiliates in over 20 states, says that these negotiations present a threat to Palestinian rights, including the right of return, and that the Palestinian Authority leadership
has not represented the Palestinian people, especially the seven million Palestinians living in exile and throughout the diaspora.
Well before the expiration of its electoral mandate last year, the Palestinian Authority has not defended the rights of Palestinians to self-determination, equality, and return but instead has negotiated for little more than the ownership of disconnected Bantustans in the West Bank. USPCN Coordinating Committee member, Monadel Herzallah comments, “The Palestinian Authority has failed to establish national unity, has failed to steadfastly demand the end of the Gaza blockade, has failed to dismantle the Annexation Wall. Rather than enter into direct negotiations with Israel–in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, the flotilla massacre, and increasing aggression against Palestinian resistance, the Palestinian Authority should hold Israel to account by suing them in third party jurisdictions, raising their violations before UN treaty-making bodies, and supporting a grassroots international movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel. Refusing to do so and entering negotiations under duress affords Israel the veneer of diplomatic engagement as it continues to inflict structural violence and racism against all Palestinians the world over.”
Palestinians from Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. will gather outside the State Department to say that “Palestine is Not For Sale”, present a petition to the Palestinian leadership demanding they end these nonsensical negotiations, and declare that Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority representatives cannot represent Palestinians, whom it has shunned throughout its leadership.

US Palestinian Community Network
[email protected]
Register today for the 2nd Palestinian Popular Conference
October 29-31, 2010
Chicago, IL

Marine Mammals in Captivity

April 27 Subcommittee Hearing on Marine Mammals in Captivity

Chair Madeleine Z. Bordallo from Guam
Subcommittee on Insular Affairs Oceans and Wildlife
202-225-1542 – fax
phone 202-225-0691
staffer: [email protected] mail.house. gov

Email to Bordallo’s staffer your comments as to why whales and
dolphins don’t belong in captivity. Let’s flood this committee with
messages of NO MORE CAPTIVITY.

Please write also that taxpayer dollars should not subsidize the
operation, building, maintenance, etc. of these facilities, not
existing ones or new-planned ones – such as Solangi’s Ocean Expo –
which feel free to mention by name. Taxpayers should not support
facilities that are a threat to public safety and repeatedly fail to
prevent: 1. injury/death to visitors, trainers or participants in the
swim with the dolphin programs; or 2. mortality-inducing conditions
for whales and dolphins who die in large numbers after a short time in
these inappropriate artificial-habitats . The facilities fail to
educate the public accurately as they present a distorted view of
marine mammals. In addition, display habitats are inherently
unhealthy; they cause high mortality rates in whales and dolphins, and
costly replacements are a constant threat to wild populations around
the world.

Chairwoman Bordallo’s staffer is Katherine Romans, email at
[email protected] mail.house. gov
She will make sure the chair gets the comments.

Taffy Williams
New York Whale and Dolphin Action League
PO Box 273
Yonkers, NY 10707 USA
914-395-0017 fax
www.ny4whales. org

Because when we save whales we save ourselves.

Obama and Capitalism: Whither the American Left

Obama and Capitalism:
Whither the American Left?

Bernard Chazelle
July 8, 2009

Bernard Chazelle writes that subsequent
to the "Welfare Reform Act" of 1996,
"Society became a club in which one is
a member ‘under certain conditions.’
The images of Hurricane Katrina would
reveal the cruel meaning of that
conditionality to the whole world."
Photo: greenmannowar/Flickr

The triumph of neo-liberalism on the other side of the Atlantic may be
explained – like almost everything else in American history – by inflation and
racial conflict.

The 1970’s were years of historic compromise: Blacks were integrated into
the great American family in a legal sense, but at the price of abandoning all
social demands. The "stagflation" that shook the economy catalyzed a
process that was to extend over the next three decades and dispute all the
social breakthroughs of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

That evolution would withstand the power alternations between parties so
well that the United States would finish the century with a Democratic
president, Bill Clinton, anchored firmly to the right of Republican Richard

What happened? The great project of the American right, constructed
in the New York hallways of Bill Buckley’s National Review, saw its hour of
triumph with Reagan’s election in 1980.

A "Righting" of the Left

Twelve years later, Clinton appropriated Reagan’s themes and became the
bard of neo-liberalism. He kept the marginal income tax rate at half of what it
had been under Nixon. He eliminated social assistance for 9 million poor

With help from the financial bubble, he presided over the greatest transfer
of wealth from the middle class to the rich since 1929. The income of the
richest one percent of Americans doubled, while that of the median tranche
rose by 15 percent only (over eight years in constant dollars). The Wal-Mart
founder’s family possesses a personal fortune equal to the collective personal
fortune of 120 million Americans.

Clinton doubled the prison population compared to what it had been under
Reagan. Accused of being "soft on crime" during his campaign, he went
to attend the execution of a mentally handicapped man, famous for having
asked the guard who served him his last meal whether he could keep his
yoghurt for later.

Welfare Was Supposed to Reinforce Poverty and Consequently
Had to Be Subjected to Merit Criteria.

In 1996, along with the great "Welfare Reform Act," Clinton signed the
death certificate for the American left. The attractive idea was: since welfare
reinforces poverty, let’s submit it to merit criteria.

In this politically savvy marriage of solidarity and common sense, the key
word became "responsibility."

Hidden therein, however, as though it were totally insignificant, is what
historian Tony Judt has described as the return of the spirit of "England’s
New Poor Law" of 1834.

As in Dickens’s England, citizenship became conditional. So there was an
outright assault on the primary idea of social justice, that is, the absolute right
to dignity. When one is hungry, well then, one asks for alms.

In its wake, the unconditional right of membership in the community
disappeared also. Society became a club in which one is a member "under
certain conditions." The images of Hurricane Katrina would reveal the cruel
meaning of that conditionality to the whole world.

On top of this "righting" of the left came submission to the capitalist schema
of historical determinism. Echoing Margaret Thatcher‘s famous "Tina"
("There is No Alternative"), New York Times editorialist Tom Friedman
explained enthusiastically that once a country puts on the "Golden
Straitjacket," "its political choices get reduced to Pepsi or Coke."

It’s not the "End of History" Fukuyama proclaimed, but the end of politics.
The Faustian neo-liberal pact is to barter away mastery of our collective
destiny for a promise of prosperity, a promise that moreover often proves
illusory. In close to half the world’s countries, income per person in 2000 was
inferior to what it had been in 1990.

The Cult of Capitalism

Capitalism or neo-liberalism is an essentially self-referential dogma. As
the sole goal of the economy is to satisfy its own needs for growth, the citizen
is no longer anything but a passive consumer.

In the United States, the dogma tolerates social conflicts only insofar as they
remain orthogonal to economic fault lines. Thus, we may debate abortion
at our leisure, but social assistance is a "fiscally imprudent" idea. Of course,
free market capitalism is no more an economic theory than greed is a theory
of property. It is primarily hypnosis.

The Republicans at least propose choices: one may be for or against tax

The Democrats promise "vibrant communities" and "growing prosperity."
What party do you have to belong to, or what planet, to not wish for such

Just as science should be falsifiable, ideologies should be deniable.
One will notice that Democratic platitudes – as though by miracle – perfectly
marry "Tina" dogma to the opportunisms of the moment.

The United States is at a turning point of its history. The uni-polar hour
is coming to an end, but who will be able to snatch the country away from
its much-prized Nineteenth Century values, such as the power of gaps in
wealth to spur emulation and the cult of military force?

Obama: Beneath the Center-Left Rhetoric, Rightwing Policy

Obama? It’s too soon to express a definitive opinion, but the enthusiasm he
arouses is largely unmerited.

His charm, tone and intelligence captivate. The symbolic power of a black
American president is undeniable. Nonetheless, the acrobatic quality of his
approach, masking right-leaning policy under center-left rhetoric, invites

His rejection of torture is categorical, eloquent and in flagrant contradiction
to his support for the "rendition" program that sends terrorist suspects
to be tortured in friendly countries. His populist remarks against Wall Street
excesses translate into measures that, in fact, reward those excesses. His
soothing speech in Cairo is served along with increased bombing of Pashtun
lands. His plan for withdrawal from Iraq goes hand in hand with a defense
budget $20 billion higher than Bush’s.

Barack Obama is the most talented politician of his generation. His mastery
of the straddle is formidable, but the prolonged practice of this dangerous
exercise rarely ends well. For the American left, "Yes we can" runs a strong
risk of proving to be a Siren song.

Translation: Truthout French language editor Leslie Thatcher.
Read the original article in French "Obama et le néolibéralisme : où va la gauche

Bernard Chazelle is Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science at
Princeton University. As of 2004, he has 191 published articles, 93 of which
are journal articles, and published two books. Chazelle has also written
a few polemical essays, such as "Bush’s Desolate Imperium" and
"Anti-Americanism: A Clinical Study" which draw from his life experience
in both France and the United States (Wikipedia).

Community Organizer – Yonkers


Community OrganizerYonkers, NY


Community Voices Heard (CVH) is seeking an experienced organizer to continue building the Yonkers Chapter (20 minutes north of NYC) of our successful New York Economic Justice Organization.  The position will involve committee, leadership, and campaign development.
CVH is a 14 year-old membership organization of low-income people across New York State.  We currently have organizing projects in New York City, Yonkers, Newburgh and Poughkeepsie.   We work on economic justice, job creation, welfare, public housing, economic development, and access to education and training services.  CVH uses base-building, leadership development, direct-action, grassroots-driven research, voter mobilization and coalition building to lead campaigns to win benefits for our membership of low-income families.

CVH’s Yonkers Chapter has been in operation for two years.  Our Yonkers Chapter has 2 leaders that serve on our Board of Directors, 25 Vanguard Leaders, 205 Trailblazers (people that have come to at least 1 event), and over 2,000 individuals that we have contacted through outreach efforts.

The Yonkers Chapter’s current campaign is focused on influencing the downtown (Getty Square) development process and assuring that low-income families’ interests are incorporated into this development.  Yonkers members are also interested in preserving and expanding low-income affordable housing options in the community and have begun work to promote a progressive housing ordinance for the City of Yonkers.  A subset of Yonkers members is focused on welfare and workforce development issues.  In addition to the Yonkers based campaign worked, there will likely be an opportunity for broader regional organizing work across Westchester County and collaborative work statewide with other CVH chapters.

The responsibilities of the position will include:

·           Base Building & Mobilization: Conducting base building activities (and coordinating members and leaders to do the same) at local public housing developments, social service agencies, community organizations, welfare centers, and by door-knocking and organizing house-meetings; moving individuals met to participate in meetings, trainings, actions, etc.

·           Leadership Development: Building the skills of active membership to understand the political underpinnings of the campaign (i.e. legal & policy context, power analysis, etc.) and to take on more and more roles in the campaign (i.e. giving testimony, facilitating meetings, conducting outreach, etc.) through both one-on-one development and workshops.

·           Committee Development: Pulling together and staffing an organizing committee of local leaders to determine the focus of a campaign and then make ongoing decisions regarding the campaign’s direction; providing critical background information to leadership team so as to facilitate strategic decision-making.  Work includes managing both a main committee (around affordable housing and development issues) and a sub-committee (focused on welfare and workforce development issues).

·           Campaign Development, Planning, & Implementation: Facilitating issue identification, campaign planning and campaign development processes to develop a local campaign with leadership including demands, strategies, tactics, etc.; facilitating campaign planning process and subsequent implementation.

·           Campaign Research: Conducting background research on topics (e.g. zoning regulations, development approval processes, community benefits agreements, etc.) and targets pertinent to the campaign.

·           Coalition & Stakeholder Work: Working with ally organizations in the region to move forward campaign goals and demands.  Working collaboratively with the CVH base in New York City to move forward statewide campaigns.

This is a full-time position that begins on January 1, 2008 (or shortly thereafter). The Yonkers Organizer will work as part of a staff team that includes the Senior Organizer and Executive Director.  The position is based physically out of our office in the Yonkers Community Action Program (YCAP) building on Ashburton Avenue, and is currently the sole position in the Yonkers office.  Staff members from organizing sites external to our main office in NYC, however, work out of our NYC office in East Harlem once a week on Fridays.



     Minimum 1 year community organizing, political organizing,
     legislative issue advocacy, and or project development management


     Experience in base building, door knocking, leadership
     development, mobilization, and strategy development essential.


     Ability to work independently, yet take direction, according to
     goals of the organization.


     Strong commitment to relational membership/community led
     organizing, conducting one-on-one meetings with individuals, and
     ability to identify non-traditional and community-based leaders
     and people who want to be community leaders.


     Applicants must be committed to ideology of building community
     power & share our commitment to membership grassroots
     decision-making, radical politics & our analysis of power.


     Spanish language skills are strongly desired, but not required.


     Residency in Yonkers or Westchester County is preferred, though
     not mandatory.


     Access to car and/ or drivers license is recommended, though not
     required.  [There is a good bus system in Yonkers and a Metro
     North train that can be taken from Yonkers to NYC on Fridays.]


Please send resume and cover letter to Sondra Youdelman, Community Voices Heard 115 East 106^th Street, 3^rd Floor, New York, NY 10029 or email them to [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>.  If emailing, make sure to put “Community Organizer: Yonkers” in the subject line.

CVH is an equal opportunity employer.  People of color, women, GLBT individuals, and people with experience on public assistance are strongly encouraged to apply.  For more information please check out our web page at: www.CVHaction.org <http://www.cvhaction.org/>.  Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled.


Depends on experience (DOE); hire will likely be a Level 1 or 2 Organizer (salary range: $30-39K).  Excellent benefits include health insurance, sabbatical, 403(b) retirement program, generous vacation leave, and holiday time off.  Transportation is reimbursed at ½ of a monthly metro card (valid in both Yonkers and NYC), 1 RT Metro North ticket per week (when Organizer is expected to be in NYC office), and mileage reimbursement when vehicle used for work.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

An important message from David Inkey:

The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
an article by David Inkey

I have long believed that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is the most impressive, significant document of modern times and now we are in its 60th Anniversary Year. What should we do about this event?

A group of Human Rights "elders" has a sign-up page on the Internet at www.everyhumanhasrights.org, hoping to garner a billion signatures this year for the 60th Anniversary.

If little else, I believe we should spread awareness of this monumental document and while just signing a commemorate document isn’t much, the Ralph Bunche Institute gives us at least that option……and if we share our commitment widely enough we may generate an enormous general commitment…..I have personally undertaken a massive email adventure of sharing the UDHR "elders" appeal (or plea) for a billion sign ups….. I appeal to all CPNN readers to assess their feelings about the UDHR and to consider participating in this endeavor….This is not a one day, December 10th event for each year, this is a daily endeavor of universal declaration and of universal rights….. a declaration of universal rights not yet universalized…

[Editor’s Note: The "elders" are a very impressive group of leaders of our time, including Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson, former UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, and Graca Machel, President, Foundation for Community Development, Mozambique. The initiative is supported by many important organizations, including ActionAid, Amnesty International, Center for Women’s Global Leadership, International PEN, Witness, Realizing Rights, Save the Children and UNICEF.]





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