This legislative session, New York has a historic opportunity to bring public banking to our state! After years of campaigning to pass the New York Public Banking Act we now have a chance to bring public banking to Rochester which would be the first public bank in the country in over a hundred years. Our leaders in Albany need to hear from New Yorkers on why public banking is  needed to promote racial and economic justice and how it can address redlining, housing, climate, and more. Please use this outreach toolkit to organize your members, supporters, and others to make calls in support of the Bank of Rochester Act [S.9324 (Brouk) / A.10134(Bronson)]. 

Every week, New Yorkers from across the state will be making calls to urge the NYS Legislature to pass the bill this session. This week we will be calling our New York State Senators. Over half of the New York State Senate supports public banking, we need to rally this support and let our Senators know that they must speak up in support of the Bank of Rochester Act to push it over the finish line this session! 

Please use the toolkit below to recruit participants to make calls. All they have to do is: (1) open  the action form to sign up and find their Senator; (2) call their Senator anytime on the call-in day; (3) log the results of their call in the notes section of the form. Contact Tousif Ahsan at New Economy Project with questions: [email protected]


Outreach Image:

Outreach Email Template: 

Hello _____, 

Over the last few years the public banking coalition has been fighting to bring public banking to New York and now we’re closer than ever! This year we have the opportunity to launch public banking in New York by creating a public bank in Rochester. The Bank of Rochester Act  [S.9324 (Brouk) / A.10134(Bronson)] would create the first public bank in the country in over a hundred years, but we need your help to get it over the finish line! 

Sign up to call your State Senator and urge them to pass the Bank of Rochester Act this session. 

Every year local governments deposit billions of dollars in Wall Street banks. These are the same banks that invest in fossil fuels, real estate speculation, private prisons, and other destructive industries that disproportionately harm low-income, Black, brown, and immigrant communities. Through public banking, we can divest from Wall Street and invest in community needs, such as renewable energy, permanently-affordable housing, small and worker-owned businesses, equitable banking services, and so much more. 

Wall Street is spending big to stop public banking from taking root in New York. They know momentum for local public banks is building across the state, and that’s why they are using their influence in Albany to halt our progress. In order to win, legislators need to hear from you!

We are making calls to our legislators to urge them to pass the Bank of Rochester Act this session. Sign up here to take action and let your State Senator know we need public banking now.