Happy New Years!
Starting in the second half of January, WESPAC will be hosting the Solidarity Singers. 
  • builds community
  • elevates the energy of direct action
  • is profound self care 
  • ties us to social justice movements historically and internationally
  • is a productive and healthy way to express our grief, anger, hopes, and dreams
  • songs plants seeds for our collective future, tying us to the ancestors and offering courage to the next generation
“If you can walk you can dance.
If you can dance, you can sing.”
   Ghanaian proverb
The Solidarity Singers is open to everyone who has a voice.* Throw out all the  notions of what makes for a “good” voice and “quality” music. If you were told that you were “just a listener” in elementary school, we want you there! 
We are thinking of meeting every other Tuesday starting January 16th or 23rd from 4:30 to 5:30PM (we can be flexible based upon the schedules of those who would like to participate). The schedule will adjust according to what serves the singing community best. 
We’ll begin our time together with simple, functional and fun vocal techniques and warmups. These warmups are grounded in the body and the nervous system. We will collectively reclaim the joy of community singing apart from Western aesthetics. We’ll then learn two to three “paperless” songs together for use in direct actions. Those interested are invited to practice leading those songs in a safe space. We may also take a few minutes to learn about song and music in political movements in the past and around the world.
This is a responsive, community group, with the potential to evolve. RSVP to [email protected] by January 10th so we can start planting seeds right away!
*Is there a possibility to have someone attend who knows ASL? How powerful would it be to sing in silence!