#DroptheADL Power Hour with USCPR: call on media to stop platforming the ADL!

Dear friends,

As we watch news coverage that papers over the unfolding genocide in Palestine, we are acutely aware of the Anti-Defamation League’s role. The ADL has laid the groundwork for the dehumanization of Palestinians, the marginalization of social justice movements, and the U.S. support for Israel’s brutal militarism.

Since Oct. 7 the ADL has stepped up its attacks, now declaring that Palestinian-led marches are “terrorist”, that mass Jewish protests for ceasefire are “fringe”, and that “anti-Zionism is genocide”.

Major media outlets are complicit with the ADL in attacking the movement to stop genocide in Gaza.

Just after Israel began bombarding Gaza, the ADL’s leader Jonathan Greenblatt attacked MSNBC’s three Muslim news hosts— because they dared to discuss colonization and ethnic cleansing as root causes for Palestinian resistance. Under public pressure, MSNBC restored those hosts. But just days later they had Jonathan Greenblatt back on air, spreading right-wing disinformation  — the same disinformation that reportedly sparked the murder of a Palestinian-American child in Illinois. CNN and the New York Times also repeatedly bring the ADL on air and into the news as a trusted source.

Join us for a JVP Power Hour where we’ll take action alongside USCPR, Mpower Change, AROC, PARCEO, and many more!
We’ll call on CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times to stop platforming the ADL, and call on individuals and organizations to sign onto and circulate the DroptheADL Open Letter

To join, sign up here: