Community Gathering and Speaker
When: Saturday, August 5th
Arrive around 6:30 pm – depends on tides and weather
Potluck around 7 pm
Speaker probably after potluck
Ted, one of the organizers, asked me to share this info with our local community.
It might be helpful to know if anyone is bringing paper plates, biodegradable silverware and what food and drink they plan to bring.
Thank you.
Please share with others you think may be interested.
I hope to see you there.
Laurie Evans
Honor the Treaties – Protect the Earth 
Daryl Provonost, a Mohawk Historian – 
409th year since the treaty (Info below):
10th year paddling down the Hudson to honor the Two Row
Where: Croton Point Park – Croton-on – Hudson, NY
1 Croton Point Ave, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520
About a mile from the Croton on Hudson Metro North Train Station
Parking: There is parking on site.
What to bring:
Food for a potluck to help feed the paddlers and visitors
Non-Alcoholic Beverages
a Folding Chair
A flashlight
Non-toxic bug spray 
Your plate and silverware
Staying overnight: 
THere is a possibility to stay overnight. But there are fees for the camping sites.
So the organizers MUST KNOW in advance if you want to camp. The $50 site fee will be divided by the # of people who camp.
There is a gazebo. And they plan to be in Croton even if it rains.
Photos: Is there anyone willing to take some photos?
Press: If anyone has contacts with the press, please let the organizers know about it. Also, please let me, Laurie,  know. Thank you.
Want to Paddle? – Contact the organizers
*for up to date info reach go to website:
Have a QUestion? Contact Organizers:
Please note they will be busy on the water once the paddle begins.
 # 347-842-8391 [email protected] || #347-837-2423, [email protected]

Saturday August 5th –

(Tomkins Cove -> Croton) 

HUDSON RIVER RESERVE FLEET MEMORIAL – 3:00PM Prayer for Protecting the Mhinicatuck/Hudson + Pacific Ocean from nuclear waste water dumping, 3:33 Launch Hudson River Reserve Fleet Memorial – Tomkins Cove, NY 10986 / 72HM+P2 Peekskill, Cortlandt Manor, NY /…/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sindian…

CROTON, Landing before dinner (hopefully!) Camping at Croton Point Park – 1 Croton Point Ave, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520

Two Other Events:

Waterfall Unity Festival – July 28th – 30th

10th Anniversary Two Row Festival – July 30th

Evan Pritchard‘s flier for July 30th’s Honoring of the Two Row at the Center for Symbolic Studies in New Paltz..

More info on the Two Row Paddle to NYC

Sunday August 6th (Croton -> NYACK) Launching around 5:30PM from Croton

Landing at Nyack Beach State Park before sunset (hopefully) – 698 N Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960 – Camping Marydell Faith & Life Center (not confirmed) – 640 N Midland Ave, Nyack, NY 10960

Monday August 7th (Nyack – > Yonkers) Nyack launching 9AM on the 7th, stopping mid day, continuing 5:30PM

Landing at Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club – 19 Alexander St, Yonkers, NY 10701 – Camping at Beczak Environmental Education Center (landing at sunset on the 6th, launching at sunrise on the 7th)

Tuesday August 8th – (Yonkers -> Inwood Manhattan) INWOOD MANHATTAN, Landing at Dyckman Marina around dinner time INWOOD MANHATTAN, Inwood Canoe Club, Dykeman Street, New York 10034 –

camping (at host homes) possibly at LONG ISLAND CITY, QUEENS, 6:30pm at

Wednesday August 9th – MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, United Nations International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples – General Assembly Building, 46th & 1st Ave, New York, NY 10017 TBA TIDES:


In 2013 the Haudenesaunee Confederacy, the Lakota Unity Riders, the Nation of the Netherlands, the Neighbors Of the Onondaga Nation, the Honor the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, and an international community of people made history with the physical re-enactment and honoring of the original 409 year running treaty between Natives of this American continent and those who immigrated or were moved from their Native continents – the Two Row Wampum Treaty – marking the beginning of a long needed re-polishing of the “Covenant Chain” that unites us in peace and friendship forever, through the mutual respect of our diverse ways.  The three elements that bind us – peace, friendship and forever – are exemplified by the central white row of wampum, where forever means as long as the grass grows green, the water flows down hill, and the sun rises in the east and sets in the West.

The “Covenant Chain” unites the different ways we live, the languages, law, dress, food, and even the ways we pray to the Creator.  These different ways are represented by the two purple rows of the wampum belt, and the rows never cross, or drive each other’s boats.  This applies to all immigrants whom decided or were forced to live on the American Continent from their Native continent.  Through respecting our differences, we will share the River of Life together forever with peace and friendship.

The first peace represented by the Two Row forms the basis of all relations with First Nations with all others East of this continent.  Tonya Gonnella Fishner Esq explains that as the Haudenosaunee are the “Eastern Door Keepers” to the Continent, the Two Row and other Treaties detail how the United States, Britain, Netherlands and all other Nations must include the Haudenosaunee in all other relations with all other First Nations of the Continent, an important principle that will require generations to reinstitute as various Indigenous peoples, tribes, and Nations lose land, water and basic human rights to an increasingly blind, partisan, and corrupt government of the United States * (statement made by Edward T Hall III, one of the continuers of the Two Row Camp, Descendant of multiple Declaration Signers and 4 Mayflower survivors, and founder of Occupy Wall St).

2013’s Campaign

For more information visit – – though the organization is dissolved, the work continues… with efforts like this and others!

An Annual Tradition

From 2014 and every year since we have continued the effort not as a campaign, but a reunion and expansion of free people keeping the spirit of the Two Row alive and building community as they camp and canoe down a fraction of what was covered in 2013 – with the hope that as the years progress, even more of the waterways will be reclaimed to honor this great treaty and to re-polish the Covenant Chain.

Youth from the 2013 campaign, with guidance of the organizers of 2013, are coordinating what it takes to support the vision of Hickory Edwards, the lead Onondaga paddler – a vision of people rowing down the Hudson every year to honor the treaties and protect the sacred waters of this bioregion. Again, this effort is not the Honor the Two Row Wampum Campaign, it is simply “Two Row”, and it will evolve following the direction of the energy embodied by those continuing to polishing the “Covenant Chain” inside and outside the camping trip, with a specific focus on the development of community down Hudson to Manhattan and learning. There are several elements of this year’s campaign trip that distinguish it from last year.  

It is not a campaign, it’s a camping trip.  It is a camping trip to practice the ideals of the Two Row treaty with a focus on:

Prayer, True Friendship and Community, recognizing all Indigenous Peace Treaties, the strength in Diversity and Inter-generational Empowerment, as we Embodying a Regenerative Potlatch, incorporating Arts and Play.