On March 19 and 20 of 2022, we held three roundtables with 10 Palestinian organizers from North America and Europe. We discussed their experiences leading local protests during the Unity Intifada in May and June of 2021. 

The conversations centered on the triumphs celebrated, the communities who stood by them, the lessons learned that helped prepare them for subsequent protests and events, as well as the challenges faced in organizing crowds and interacting with police. Principally, they spoke about the perceptions and behaviors they had to navigate as women leaders.

​In these pages, their testimonies unfold. You can read the roundtable on our website or download the PDF!




Palestine Square — the blog of the Institute for Palestine Studies — is committed to collecting testimonies and documenting the work of Palestinian grassroots organizers in exile. Organizers participate in the liberation struggle in real-time, contributing to raising awareness about Palestine in their local communities and exerting pressure for change on the international stage in support of the Palestinian cause. Organizers must be able to narrate their own stories from the ground.  

We believe these testimonies will help inform the work and experience of Palestinian grassroots organizers everywhere and contribute to the growing production of knowledge on Palestine and the Palestinian people. 

​This roundtable was organized and facilitated by Laura Albast and co-edited with Hannah Shraim. Asma Barakat and Luke Fanous transcribed parts of this roundtable.

Roundtable – Palestinian Women Leading Protests