Hello Everyone, A Message from Michael Bianco


Hi WESPAC Friends, 

My name is Michael Bianco, I am a resident of the Village of Mamaroneck. I have great news but I also need your help. The Mayor and Trustees in my community support Medicare-for-All, so I have drafted a local resolution in support of the Medicare for All Act and The New York Health Act. I am looking for endorsements for my resolution.

If you think too many people are uninsured or underinsured in the USA, if you think everyone should be entitled to healthcare, if you think we should swap our privatized patchwork system of healthcare for a democratically run single-payer system like every other 1st world country has, I want to encourage you to endorse my resolution. I would like to get as many endorsements from organizations in Westchester and from individuals in the Village of Mamaroneck (as well as adjacent communities). I think this is a small step the Village of Mamaroneck can take in the right direction and a simple concrete action to demonstrate their commitment to Medicare for All. I hope you can join me in encouraging the Mayor and the Trustees to pass my resolution. Please review my current draft of the resolution and let me know if you choose to endorse my resolution.

For Organizations:

Please provide the name of your organization, an email, and if possible, a phone number.

For Individuals:

Please provide your full name, your email, and at least what community you reside in (if you don’t feel comfortable providing a full address). If possible, please provide your phone number.

Resolution in Support of the Medicare for All Act and The New York Health Act


Thank You, 

Michael Bianco 

[email protected]