Excellent panel discussion this evening on Rikers Island with Jose Saldana, Vincent Schiraldi, Alelur Duran and Steven Dominguez.
It’s been a disaster since it opened in 1932. Plans for closure began with Ed Koch. Will Eric Adams move forward or wiggle out? Where will it go because no one wants a new jail in their neighborhood. Why is it so unbelievably cruel and costly – close to $500,000/year to house a single inmate?
VINCENT SCHIRALDI, Co-Director and Co-Founder of Columbia University’s Justice Lab and was a Senior Advisor to de Blasio’s Office of Criminal Justice with improving Rikers in his portfolio ALELUR DURAN, Program Officer overseeing Galaxy Gives, Criminal Justice Reform and was incarcerated at Rikers Island for 3 years while awaiting trial STEVEN DOMINGUEZ. Author of Across The Bridge: A Rikers Island Story. He was a corrections officer at Rikers for 5 years JOSE SALDANA with RAPP, Release Aging People in Prison