From Beyond Plastics:
Can you please help share the short claymation video we released today to set the record straight on plastics recycling. Our video is in direct response to a particularly egregious example of greenwashing that Coca-Cola released last week, an animated video featuring Bill Nye the Science (Sellout) Guy telling everyone how wonderful Coca-Cola is and how amazing plastics recycling is so just keep drinking Coke in plastic bottles and go about with your busy lives.
Please watch (it’s very short) and take a moment to share it with your networks, particularly on social media if you’re active there.
Sample share text – please adjust tag for BP depending on the platform: Twitter – @plasticsbeyond, Facebook: @beyondplasticsaction, Instagram: @beyondplasticsbennington
Watch this short video from Beyond Plastics to counter @CocaCola misleading plastics recycling video with @BillNye the Sellout Guy. Ahem, #greenwashing Watch & share to set the record straight at:
Thanks so much for your help spreading the word.
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