Greetings, all,

A note to let you all know that the planning committee for the Annual Margaret Eberle Fair Trade Festival has decided not to host an indoor December festival but rather an outdoor festival on May Day, May 1st, in 2022.  Details will be forthcoming in January.  We will host three online educational presentations in February, March and April leading up to the in person outdoor May festival.
In the meantime, please make a special effort to support Fair Trade artisans and cooperative members at this holiday time.  It is better for the planet, better for families and communities and makes the gift that much more special as it helps to move us all towards the world we want and need to live in.
There are many possibilities of where you can find these gifts.  I placed an order with  where you can find truly exquisite items from all around the world.  The items took 4 days to arrive!  You can also support the vendors who usually attend our December festival here 
Thank you for considering!