URGENT ACTION: Please call Gov Cuomo today at 877-235-6537 

Tell the Governor: We’re in a climate crisis. The New York State Public Service Commision must phase out gas utilities! 


Gov. Cuomo’s Public Service Commission (PSC) is once again prioritizing gas utility profits over the survival of our planet. In their current gas planning proceeding, they ignored the demands of 200 elected officials and 130 organizations. Instead of creating a real plan to replace gas with renewable heating, cooking, and hot water services, the PSC made minor tweaks to the status quo. Minor tweaks do not provide the roadmap NY needs for an orderly and equitable gas phaseout!

Please tell the PSC that their proposal is inadequate. We need a real plan to phase out the gas utilities and give us renewable heat now! Fossil fuel corporations see the writing on the wall that they are an outdated and poisonous way to power, heat, and cool our homes. Governor Cuomo’s Public Service Commission that is tasked to regulate utilities has ignored millions of New Yorkers who fought for a fracking ban and the plethora of fracking infrastructure projects across the state over the years.  

Governor Cuomo appoints the members of the Public Service Commission. It’s his decision. Call Governor Cuomo today at 877-235-6537 and tell him we are in a real climate crisis. Tell him that his Public Service Commission must work to phase out gas utilities and provide renewable heat to all New Yorkers.  

If you want to really pack a punch, please show them how much people-power we have and flood their system with comments.