On February 16th, the People’s Campaign for Parole Justice, a statewide, grassroots coalition, will hold a special Advocacy Day in honor of Black History Month. The theme of the day, “Parole Justice is Racial Justice” will highlight the continued harm communities of color face from systems designed to operate through violent policy, structure, and culture to oppress and criminalize Black and brown people, families and communities.

The People’s Campaign for Parole Justice fights for fair and meaningful release opportunities for incarcerated people in NYS prisons with the primary goals of the campaign centered around decarceration and family reunification. Through the passage of the Elder Parole and Fair + Timely Parole bills, these two, transformative parole reform bills will collectively ensure that every person in NY State prison has a fair and meaningful opportunity to return home during the course of their incarceration. They will prevent aging, sickness, and death in prisons, reunite families and communities, and help to uproot NY’s racist criminal legal system.

Join us on February 16th to gather in community, meet with legislators, and promote the Elder and Fair and Timely Parole Bills. 

RSVP to attend at bit.ly/feb-16-advocacy-day.

Noel Casey 
Westchester/Hudson Valley Community Organizer 
Release Aging People in Prison/RAPP Campaign
Pronouns: she, her, hers