Dear Federal Job Guarantee Champions,
On behalf of PolicyLink, the National Jobs for All Network, and the Modern Money Network, thank YOU for signing on to the Jobs for All Manifesto calling on our policymakers to enact a federal job guarantee.
This movement to fully realize our economic rights is gaining steam. More and more people across the country are signing on to demand the right to good jobs, fair wages and benefits, and the opportunity to provide for themselves and their communities through a federal job guarantee.
The momentum of the people is illustrated by the incredible traction the guarantee has in the media:
Essence: King’s Fight For Economic Justice Included A Job Guarantee
Sojourners: The Unfinished Work of the Civil Rights Movement
Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity: Yes, We Can Have Good Jobs for All

Public News Service: Groups, Legislators Propose Federal Job Guarantee for All
Democracy Collaborative’s Next Systems Podcast: Job Guarantee Now!
Since our push in December, more than 100 new people and organizations have signed onto the Manifesto. We are thrilled that important thought leaders like john a. powell, activist organizations like the Debt Collective, and policy groups like the New Consensus (policy architects of the Green New Deal resolution) are championing a job guarantee, as well as progressive candidates for Congress including Paula Jean Swearengin (WV). Hundreds of people working for racial, economic, and environmental justice have all signed on to support this crucial policy to secure economic security and dignity for all.
We are asking you to help us spread the word share this bold and transformational vision of #JobsforAll. By March we want to break through to thousands of signatures, to show presidential candidates the ever-growing momentum for a job guarantee to secure all of our economic rights.
To do that we need you to share with your colleagues and networks.
Share: Share the articles above with your networks and on social media. Connect with three of your peers and colleagues to sign on and keep the momentum going. Send the Jobs for All Manifesto to your networks via email and ask them to read and sign. We hope to continue the momentum of support and signatures to show our elected representatives that we want them to move this bold solution forward.

Post: Use the Social Media Toolkit to tweet, post, and show your support for a federal job guarantee. Click through to the social media toolkit to get photos and posts to share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – wherever you connect with your community to rally support.
Link: Link to the site in your work:
In this moment of tremendous economic and ecological upheaval, it is time to take bold policy action to secure an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable 21st century American economy.  

This is our right, and our future. Together we can make this vision a reality. 

In solidarity,

Sarah Treuhaft
Managing Director, PolicyLink