Call to Action: Palestinians Refugees in Lebanon Demand Dignity!

Refugees across camps in Lebanon are rising up! The Lebanese Ministry of Labour’s new mandate forbids refugees from working in the country without work visas, heavily impacting Palestinian, Syrian, and other refugees. The new mandate has led to mass firings and a crackdown on refugee workers, as well as mass protests and strikes across the camps. 

This decision comes on top of already existing laws that discriminate against refugees and ban Palestinians from working in the 72 regulated professions, including medicine, public transit, farming, and fishery. Refugees are now demanding to live with human dignity. Their demands include:

  • Grant Palestinian refugees clear legal status guaranteeing civil, economic and social rights;

  • Amend Lebanese labor laws to cancel the work permit requirement for Palestinian refugees and end their exclusion from regulated professions

  • End ongoing discrimination against Palestinian refugees in a range of areas, including allowing them to own property.

In order to stand with refugee workers against the decision, here is how you can support our call to action:

  1. Call or email your local Lebanese Embassy or Consulate in Turtle Island/USA to demand a repeal of the law and dignity for Palestinian refugees.

  2. Join us in solidarity with refugees in Lebanon this Monday, July 29th at 4:30 PM at the Lebanese Embassy at 9 E 76th St, NY. RSVP to the action here.