Candlelight Vigil

Marking Gun Violence Deaths in Westchester as Legislators Prepare to Vote to Ban Gun Shows on County Properties

Monday, January 9


Front steps of Michaelian Office Building

148 Martine Ave., White Plains, NY 10601

Sponsored by Interfaith Clergy for Social Action and WESPAC


As Westchester County legislators prepare to vote on a bill that would ban gun shows from being held at the County Center on Monday, January 9, Interfaith Clergy for Social Action and WESPAC will gather concerned county residents for candlelight vigil from 6:30-7:00pm. 


The Vigil will be a time of prayer, song and silence to show support for the ban and to remember many people killed due to gun violence in Westchester. 


At 7:00pm legislators will vote on the bill.  If approved, it will be sent to the County Executive who is expected to veto.  An override would require 12 votes.  The Westchester County Executive lifted the ban in 2010 and a gun show is planned for later in January.


All are welcome to this public witness.  Candles will be provided.  This vigil has a permit with the City of White Plains.


Additional background in The Journal News, “Lawmakers move to block gun show advances”, Jan. 3, 2017.