From: IPSC Press Office

Date: 5 February 2016 at 11:12
Subject: Global Valentine’s protests highlight Tiffany’s diamond links to Israeli human rights violations

Global Valentine’s protests keep Tiffany’s under pressure over diamond links to Israeli human rights violations


Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Press Release, Friday 05/02/16, 11am


Following demonstrations in London and Dublin before Christmas to protest Tiffany & Co’s relationship with Beny Steinmetz Group Resources (BSGR), human rights activists will hold further demonstrations in London, Manchester and Dublin on Saturday 6th February and in Toronto on 13th February. 

BSGR is owned by Beny Steinmetz, one of the richest men in Israel. It has “a unique corporate structure; it’s controlled by a trust fund, of which Steinmetz is a beneficiary.” 

Beny Steinmetz, through the Steinmetz Foundation “adopted” and donates to a Unit of the Givati Briagade in the Israeli military. The Givati Brigade was responsible for the massacre of 29 members of the Samouni family in Gaza in 2009 – a suspected war crime documented by the UNHRC, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

The Givati Brigade also played central roles in attacks on Gaza in 2012 and 2014 when thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children were killed. Human Rights Watch and the UNHRC documented numerous cases of suspected war crimes by Israel forces in Gaza during both attacks.

Federic Cummeal, Tiffany & Co’s Chief Executive Officer, claims Tiffany’s is a leader in sustainable luxury and is committed to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. Tiffany’s relationship with BSGR belies Mr. Cummeal’s claim. Many of Tiffany’s diamonds are sourced from the Kidou mine in Sierra Leone which is leased to the BSGR diamond mining company, Octea. Tiffany’s gave Octea a $50 million loan to develop the Kidou mine.

Revenue from the web of BSGR companies is channelled to a Foundation controlled by the Steinmetz Family. After human rights activists revealed the links between BSGR and the Givati Brigade the Foundation website was revamped and scrubbed of all references to the Israeli military. However, a screenshot of the Foundation page showing its support for the Givati was widely circulated on social media forums. 

As well as supporting suspected Israeli war criminals, Steinmetz has also been linked to a fraudulent bank operating in the Israeli Diamond Exchange and with accounts suspected of laundering millions of dollars in the Swiss bank HSBC. Furthermore, BSGR is also under investigation by authorities in the US, Switzerland, France and Guinea in relation to suspected corruption in a deal to acquire mining rights for Simandou iron ore deposit in Guinea, the largest in the world. 

On December 8th Mondoweiss, a news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, published an open letter to Tiffany’s Chairman, CEO, Chief Sustainability Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee detailing serious breaches of Tiffany’s corporate social responsibility which threaten the company’s brand  and reputation.

Following the disclosure of the links between Tiffany’s diamonds and suspected Israeli war crimes the company’s Chief Sustainability Officer was as suddenly dropped from the line up of speakers for the forthcoming Responsible Business Summit USA 2016 hosted by Ethical Corporation.

A spokesperson for the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign called on Tiffany’s to end its relationship with BSGR and for the global diamond industry to reform the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme definition of a “conflict diamond” and ban all blood diamonds, including those that fund rogue regimes guilty of grievous human rights violations which presently legally enter the legitimate market labelled conflict-free.


For further information:

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