The bombing raids against which the Yemeni army can offer no protection are surely going to reduce Yemen (which was otherwise being reunited when the bombing began within one political process by the alliance of the army and the Ansar allah movement) to the dreadful subdivision of the land into warring armed jihadi groups achieved in Syria.  It should be remembered that while Syria was a relatively prosperous and productive country, Yemen has been reduced by 40 years of Saudi tutelage (since the assassination of President Ibrahim al-Hamdi in 1977) to a state where Oxfam tells us in its latest report that 61% of the population required food and other aid before  the bombing began (  ).

From the beginning there was a report (without hard proof) of Israeli participation, first by an Arabic news site, then 2 English-language sites, the last being  .  It seems, that rather than the Israeli flying fighter jets themselves, they would be giving guidance to the various pilots flying under the Saudi flag.  Yemen is surely a different ‘laboratory’ for bombing runs to that of Gaza, the West Bank or Lebanon.  Reports on the ground suggest that the strikes are very inaccurate, planes flying for long periods overhead without firing and finally dropping their bombs killing and maiming many civilians.  By contrast, one can assume that when the Israeli hit hospitals and farmers in Gaza, they mean to do so.

What is certain is that there is increasingly close collaboration between the Saudis and Israelis under the blessing of the USA, which may be gaining its own distinct momentum or may simply be allied to parts and not the whole of the US government/services (deniability is also useful, is the Yemen attack to sink the Lausanne talks or to appear to please the allies while pursuing the Lausanne talks? or is it just USA/UK policy to reduce the productive zones of region to a rubble of food-aid camps?).  What is known publically about this cooperation is set forth in the report of today in   The Independent:  .

Israeli – Saudi collaboration has developed in their joint work (again under USA patronage and doubtless close cooperation of British and French and Jordanian services) in Syria.   (See the work of Nafeez Ahmad for summaries of the longer history of support for Wahhabi jihadi movements:  The Israeli role in Southern Syria is the reason that a number of activists of the occupied Syrian Golan are today under arrest for being in contact with the doyen of prisoners, Sidqi Sulaiman al-Maqit, presently under prosecution in Nazareth central court for having, in his words, “disclosed Israel’s support for the al-Nusra movement”, see