Message from Joe Mayhew:


TPP Coalition Partners


As expected President Obama’s State of the Union and even the Republican rebuttal have made it clear they are full steam ahead on trying to FAST TRACK the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP the worst trade deal for American Jobs, our environment, and the people from less developed countries  since NAFTA.


We NEED and CAN stop this, if we work together.


In Westchester, our job is to ensure we keep the senior congressional votes that we have already confirmed against FAST TRACK & TPP.  Those congressional members are Nita Lowey and Eliot Engel.  Make no mistake about it they will be pressured to change their votes, we can help stop that.


We are asking all our Unions, Environmental, Faith-based and Community Coalition groups to help ensure these members of congress stand tall and continue to reject FAST TRACK and the TPP.


WE have several activities over the next 76 days that we hope you all will take part in:

  •  Calls to district offices thanking the members of congress for their support against FAST TRACK & TPP and to tell them to hang strong.  CWA has paid for toll free numbers that will track these calls for all to use.
  •    Hand written letters from the members of each Coalition group, CWA will gladly work with each group to organize the collection and delivery to track letters and keep a running total for us to gauge our success.
  • A Lobby Day at their district office with representatives from all coalition groups. 
  • An event in Yonkers during the congressional break (much like our town hall) in which we will invite Eliot Engel to speak (Lowey, Maloney have already appear at events).  We will need a panel made up of our coalition partners for this (please response if you like to volunteer)


Our first Urgent Action please give out these numbers today to your members and ask them to make phone calls, these lines will be open for 76 days but please ask calls to be made right away and keep calling.

Here are two different numbers, each is assigned to one of the members of congress and will allow us to keep track of the number of calls we are getting to the congress members offices.


Calls to Eliot Engel 1-855-980-2306

Calls to Nita Lowey 1-855-980-2338


The call will automatically direct you to the Engel or Lowey office.  We want to ask members to thank them for standing with us against FAST TRACK and TPP and to stand strong.  I will provide the coalition with the numbers of calls we get at the end of each week starting next week.  Please remember it is vital they hear from us. 


In Solidarity

Joe Mayhew

CWA Legislative  Political Coordinator