November 14, 2014


Congresswoman Nita Lowey

222 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 310

White Plains, New York 10605.


Dear Congresswoman Lowey:


Please take the following steps to bring peace in the Middle East and to end drone surveillance and attacks that have become a global scourge.


1. Call for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. military forces from Iraq and an immediate halt to U.S. air attacks, drone surveillance and drone attacks in Iraq and Syria.


2. Oppose any Authorization for Use of Military Force in relation to U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Syria; and oppose any funding for said involvement, such as the $5.6 billion proposed by President Obama.


3. Introduce into Congress the Drone Control Act (Attached), work for its passage and call for an immediate halt to all U.S. drone surveillance and drone attacks worldwide.


I would be very pleased to meet with you to discuss the above, and I would appreciate it greatly if you would respond to the above requests within the next two weeks, given the attention Congress will be giving to war in the remainder of the year.


In addition, reports that you received $95,200 for your 2014 re-election campaign from firms involved in varying degrees in weapons-making, with most involved with drone manufacture.  Notably, your top weapons firm contributor was Honeywell International, at $19,000.  Honeywell makes the engine and navigational and targeting equipment for the Reaper drone, the most widely used killer drone in the world, now engaged in illegal attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq and Syria.  Would you explain why you accept money from these firms, and specifically what you think they hope to gain from supporting your candidacy?






Nick Mottern



38 Jefferson Avenue

Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706

(914) 806-6179  [email protected]


Attachment: Drone Control Act