Stop the Wars: Boycott Honeywell.  Friday, October 3rd at 12 noon in front of Walmart in White Plains, Main Street and EJ  Conroy Drive.Nick Mottern and the Drone Replica at the Historic Climate March.   Honeywell makes the engines and navigational and targeting equipment for the MQ-9 Reaper drone, the most numerous and deadliest of US drones and now involved in the new illegal war against Syrians and Iraqis.  Honeywell also makes parts for many weapons, including nuclear weapons.  It is also involved in fracking, tar sands oil, services for the oil industry and supplying the Israel Defense Force.  The White Plains Wal-Mart store carries Honeywell heaters, air purifiers, thermostats and humidifiers.
 “We are now in a new war and our members of Congress can’t even call for a vote on it, much less stop it, because they are responsive only to big arms makers and energy-related companies like Honeywell,” said Nick Mottern, local organizer for the nation-wide Boycott and Divest Honeywell campaign   “It’s time to put pressure on the CEOs who are the real bosses of U.S. politics rather than expecting members of Congress like Nita Lowey and Eliot Engel, who take campaign money from arms makers, to represent our interests.”   Please contact Nick Mottern for details at 914.806.6179.  Endorsed by WESPAC Foundation, Code Pink and Concerned Families of Westchester. Come out and join us this Friday, Oct. 3rd, at noon in White Plains asking Wal-Mart shoppers not to buy Honeywell products. Signs will be provided.

Nick Mottern and the Drone Replica at the Historic Climate March.