Tax Exempt Hearing

Monday, September 8th 2014

Will be held in the solution Center’ conference room 501 East State Street,1st Floor Trenton , New jersey


The Hearing is to determine if The Ramapough Lunaape Nations Ceremonial Grounds should be declared Tax Exempt


We are requesting All of our Friends and people of Good Conscience To: Please Send Letters of support To:

Program Assistant, Cherylynn Cooke            Chief, Dwaine C. Perry

Green Acres Tax Exempt Program                  Ramapough Lunaape Nation

 Mail Code 501-01                                               189 Stag Hill Road

Trenton, NJ 08625-0420                                     Mahwah, NJ 07430

E-mail [email protected]              [email protected]       



  1. We have owned the property since 1980
  2. We pay approximately $3,000.00 Dollars a year in Taxes on Land we are told cannot be built on.
  3. We have always used the Land for Open Air Prayer: We have held Weddings on it , We have sent a number of our People to Walk Across From It. (Funerary)
  • There is a Living Altar whose teachings is given to everyone who may want to hear.
  • There is a Kunduweewiikaan (Church) adorned with Msiingw (carvings)
  • We have hosted  Many from the UN
  • There is a Dance Circle
  • There are Three(3) prayer Homes (sweat Lodges) belonging to different peoples
  • It should be noted the Ceremonial Grounds has been used by Hindus, Christians, Jews and Tribal People from both North and South America.


In addition across the pond our Land is used almost exclusively by non-Tribal members for hiking, fishing and the launching of small crafts , canoes ect.


Again I implore All to: please write and to support our effort in meeting this challenge.


Help us to continue growing in the understanding of the spirit and in the Love for the Earth… Anushiik Sachem Maqua.




Chief Perry