Assembly David Buchwald’s support for legislation to require the labeling of genetically modified foods is a clear indication that he is listening to his constituents.
Westchester residents deeply support having this basic information about our food and cannot understand why this information is being kept from us. That is consistent with the 93% of Americans who believe genetically modified food should be labeled, according to a 2013 New York Times poll.
It’s also matched by the more recent online poll by The Journal News, showing its readers overwhelmingly support allowing consumers to have this information. That is despite the fact that it asked the question in a biased way by regurgitating debunked industry talking points about labeling driving up costs.
There is no evidence that providing consumers with information about whether their food has been genetically modified increases food costs. In Europe, where labeling has been in effect since 2002, there has been no quantifiable impact on food prices.
I hope the newspaper will be more careful about how it covers this issue and not perpetuate the confusion that special interests opposed to labeling are attempting to create on it.
Our state needs to pass this legislation so we know whether the food we are purchasing has been genetically modified and can make the choice for ourselves whether we want to purchase it or avoid it.
Over 64 countries, including the European Union, Australia, Japan and India already require labeling. We should no longer be denied the same right to know what’s on our plates.

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Thank you.
Tarin Gonzalez
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