To the editor:

Syria, the next target?
I’m trying to understand again.  
There’s a civil war that is burning the people of Syria. All the people.      My country, The United States and it’s leadership propelled by the neocons and the so- called humanitarian interventionists (who brought us the war against Iraq)  want to pour gasoline on the fire in Syria in order to put the fire out they say.   That doesn’t work.  never did.  That will only make the conflagration worse. Simple.  Is that what they really want? 
I do understand there have been over 100 thousand deaths in the Syrian civil war.  No U.S. red line was drawn over those deaths  these past 3 years.  No efforts at non- posturing negotiations with Iran the most  significant player in the region.  No meaningful debate so far in the US Congress.  
I understand when I hear  schoolyard tough guy talk  from the men of manifest destiny and their  arrogant positions of American exceptionalism. Congressmen Engel, King, McCain examples.  Heard that same  stuff before each of our interventions.   First, for the American public,  demonize the so called enemy  before hitting them with Tomahawk Cruise missiles. By the way, one Cruise Missile costs $1.45 million.  Humanitarian Cruise missiles?   
So, today it’s Syria.   I’m trying to understand in whose interest does  this saber rattling and military strike action serve?   The fire my country fuels will kill more Syrians and enrage others in most of the Middle East and will not stay contained in Syria. 
Do I understand that a never ending Arab fratricide is intended?
Andrew Courtney,  Croton-on-Hudson, NY