To the Editor:
Do we detect a pattern here?
Rep. Eliot Engel supported George W. Bush’s rush to war in Iraq, which resulted in over one million casualties and two million refugees—based on jerry-rigged intelligence.
Rep. Engel supported the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan which, 12 years on and continuing, is America’s longest war ever.
Rep. Engel supported President Obama’s bombing campaign in Libya, which now lays in ruins and anarchy, presided over by anti-American militias.
How’d those work out for you, Mr. Engel? How many tens of thousands of deaths—including of women and children in other countries, and young men and women of our own—can be attributed to your votes and our tax dollars? How many more people now hate our country?
Now you want us to bomb Syria which no intelligence agency in the world—our own included—thinks is a sensible idea.
An overwhelming majority of the American people are opposed to US military action in Syria. You are supposed to represent us, not your own political biases.
Laura and Michael Myerson
Cortlandt Manor, NY