Dear Friends:
  This email is to follow-up on conversations that I have had with most of you about the action to promote a worldwide ban of weaponized drones and drone surveillance action that is being planned in New York City during the annual meeting of  the UN General Assembly,  that is during the period of September 23 – 28, 2013.
  During these six days, the Granny Peace Brigade,, World Can’t Wait, and other organizations, comprising the No Drones Coalition, will every day be positioning three MQ-9 Reaper drone replicas in the busiest spots in Manhattan, calling for a worldwide ban on weaponized drones and drone surveillance.   We will be doing leafletting, and we will also be doing sidewalk education, explaining to people not only the suffering resulting from US drone attacks but how drone surveillance fits into the global structure of electronic surveillance being created by the US.   We will also be speaking about the spread of drone and surveillance technology and the danger this presents in terms of military and police intervention, particularly to those here and around the world who are already being exploited and abused.
  We will be asking people to sign a petition calling on the United Nations for a worldwide ban on weaponized drones and drone surveillance.   The No Drones Coalition is now sending letters to key agencies within the United Nations asking them to support such a ban. 
  We will be providing you with “flash cards” containing key points to assist you in speaking with people, as well as leaflets.  Each drone replica will have informational placards, that will include world maps showing US drone bases and focal points of US electronic surveillance.
  I have attached a  sign-up sheet that shows the sites for each drone, each day from Sept. 23 – 28 and the times involved.  (Note: We will not be positioning drone replicas near the UN as we believe that this area will be barricaded, difficult to access and not give optimal opportunity to speak with as many people as possible.)
  Please look over this sheet and see which places, dates and times you can participate and send me an email showing your preferred times.  Or give me a call at (914) 806-6179.  We will be pleased for your suggestions too.
  Please do your utmost to take part in this historic effort to awaken public opinion to the necessity to stop, and roll back, the proliferation of weaponized drones and drone surveillance.
  Thank you very much for considering this.
  In solidarity and peace,