Dear WESPAC Friends,

Yesterday, President Obama announced he will ask the State Department to deny the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline if it is shown that it will lead to a “net increase in greenhouse gas emissions“. Some feel this leaves the door open to allow construction of the pipeline. For extensive background info on the Keystone XL Pipeline, see here. At the same time, President Obama has given his full support to hydraulic-fracturing (fracking), which is known to increase climate pollution. Meanwhile, just last week the NY State Senate failed to extend the moratorium on fracking in New York State. For background on hydraulic-fracturing, see here. WESPAC has been one of the many organizations fighting both these battles.

It is clear we cannot wait for politicians to act; we must continue to act on the grassroots level!

What can we do? TAKE ACTION!

1. Educate ourselves and others. Watch and share the 12 minute video, ‘The Unfractured Future‘ on Youtube. This video was produced by WESPAC members Tracy Basile and Scott Halfmann through a partnership with Jacob Burns Film Center. This video presents Indigenous Peoples’ views on fracking. Help us get ‘The Unfractured Future’ video into Westchester County-area schools to raise the voices of Indigenous Peoples and oppose fracking. Contact us if you can help us use this teaching tool in area schools.

2. Resist. Take the pledge to engage in civil disobedience against the Keystone XL Pipeline. More than 60,000 people already have pledged, learn about the Pledge of Resistance. In addition, there are currently blockades happening throughout Indigenous territory and elsewhere in North America. Indigenous peoples and allies are blockading the building of pipelines and fracking sites throughout North America. To learn more and support, check out the Tar Sands Blockade.

3. Keep the pressure on President Obama to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline and NYS Governor Cuomo to oppose fracking. 

     – Call President Obama, ask him to take action and block the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline

     – Call Governor Cuomo’s office  to oppose fracking #866-584-6799

4.  Support Native treaties, which include the protection of Mother Earth. Attend the events of the Two Row Wampum Renewal campaign.


WESPAC Foundation

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