To the Editor:
Our government is not just “pressuring”  Iran  to stop enriching uranium. We are, in fact, waging an undeclared covert war on Iran .
Two years ago,  Iran was targeted with the Stuxnet computer worm, aimed at destroying the technological infrastructure of its nuclear industry. Then, a car bomb killed Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shariari.
Last year, gunmen shot dead Iranian nuclear scientist Darioush Rezai and his wife. In November 2011, a mysterious explosion at  an Iranian military base killed the general known as the godfather of Iran’s ballistic missiles. Two weeks later, another explosion damaged an uranium enrichment facility.
On Wednesday, Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, was assassinated. Many believe the US and Israel are implicated.
In the wake of our ruinous experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been no debate in Congress about the wisdom of starting a confrontation with Iran. The news media, including the Journal News, should be investigating instead of just being a megaphone for those in power.
Fact: Iran does not have nuclear weapons. The only nuclear power in the Middle East is Israel.  If Israel hasn’t faced sanctions for secretly developing nuclear weapons, why should Iran?
Fact: Israel has repeatedly attacked its neighbors. Iran has not attacked another country in centuries.
Fact: The same neo-cons who brought us the Iraq war have, for years, been pushing this rush to war with Iran.  Why doesn’t the media identify these “authorities” by their sorry records?
WESPAC Committee on the Middle East
White Plains, NY

Laura Myerson
[email protected]