Fracking Update: 
Last week, news broke that  several companies hired as consultants by the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) are members of IOGA (a gas industry lobby group). These companies were paid $50 million of taxpayer funds to inform the DEC during preparation of the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS), the document that would provide the framework for permitting fracking. Due to this conflict of interest, the grassroots fracking movement is calling for the SGEIS to be thrown out and redone.
News reports also recounted the heroic decision by Dr. Sandra Steingraber and two other tenacious activists, to refuse to pay the fine for trespassing which resulted in their imprisonment. They were arrested on March 18 for blocking trucks from entering a site where Intergy Energy Corp. is building a gas storage facility on Seneca Lake. Sandra was interviewed by Bill Moyers the day before her incarceration: This action raises awareness about the massive buildout of pipelines, compressor stations, as well as drilling sites, that threaten the air, water, ecosystems and health of our citizens. Please see the attached educational brochure which can be downloaded.
Action Alert:
Please continue to call Governor Cuomo and your NY State Senator to tell them to support a two year moratorium. A recent trip to Susquehanna County, PA by three State Senators illuminated the impacts of the gas drilling process and reinvigorated the quest for a moratorium that would enable time for a full assessment of health impacts:
Look up your NY State Senator:
Sign up to come to Albany on May 22nd for Fracking Lobby Day:
Thank you for all that you're doing!
Susan Van Dolsen