Want to eat fresh, organic vegetables for five months?

Join the White Plains Hazon Community Sustained Agriculture co-op.

The produce will delivered to Temple Israel of WP on Wednesdays from June 5 through October 30, 2013 from Chubby Bunny Farm, our exclusive provider of farm fresh produce. This is the fifth year of the CSA and the fourth year we are partnering with this high quality, superbly managed family farm lovingly run by Tracy and Dan Hayhurst in Falls Village, Connecticut. 

Every week, shares will arrive divided into one bin per share. Chubby Bunny Farm makes an effort to have their produce arrive clean and attractive.

Purchasing a membership is simple, go to "Registration" and complete the online registration form. Please include your name, address, email address, home phone and cell phone. 

If you are interested in splitting a share and do not have a partner, we encourage you to contact neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Should you need our help in finding a partner, please contact Debby Ziering at  We cannot guarantee success, but will do our best to help you find someone.
CSA Memberships Available for 2013 | Hazon CSA of White Plains