Dear Friends and Supporters:


We have 2 upcoming events and a Call to Action


2 Upcoming EVENTS:


1)      Equal Pay Day Event and Call to Action

2)      Tuesday, April 9th: New York City Equal Pay Day Press Conference

Tentative Time:  11 am


25 West 18th Street

New York, NY 10011


3)      Friday, April 12th: Coalition Wide Conference Call 10:00 am

Please rsvp to the following link:


4)      Information for Call to Action on Equal Pay Day








Join advocates across New York in support of the Women’s Equality Agenda

which addresses equal pay and other issues critical to women!


Equal Pay Day is on April 9th because that is how far into 2013

women must work to earn what men earned in 2012.



1.       Wear RED for Equal Pay Day – April 9 – because women are still in the RED!

  1. Blog and Tweet about equal pay – #EqualPayNY, #NY4Women

Let us know what you think:

On average NY women lose $8500 a year. What would you do with your lost wages??

Sample tweets:

·         NY can achieve #EqualPay for women this year thanks to @NYGovCuomo’s Womens's Equality Agenda! #NY4Women #EqualPayNY

·         [Organization] supports #EqualPay for women – that's why we support the @NYGovCuomo's #WEA #EqualPayNY

·         #EqualPayDay marks how far into 2013 women have to work to make what men made in 2012. Support @NYGovCuomo's #WEA to achieve #EqualPayNY


  1. Learn more about the Women’s Equality Agenda and Equal Pay Coalition NYC   
  2. Attend an event in your area!  Go to:   
  3. Email or call your legislators this week while they are in their district offices!

Ø  Message: As an advocate for stronger equal pay laws in NYS, I urge you to advance this economic issue by supporting Gov. Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda. NY labor law has proven insufficient to combat the gender wage gap. The provisions of the WEA would strengthen existing laws by prohibiting employers from terminating or retaliating against employees who share salary information, tighten exceptions in the law which justify pay differentials, discourage discrimination by increasing damages awarded to plaintiffs, and help working women and their families.

Ø   Just look up your Senator’s phone number here and Assemblymember’s phone number here:



·         Nearly nine out of 10 New York voters want to see equal pay for women become a reality this year, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released 1/31/2013 which ranked equal pay for women the highest priority for the Governor and Legislature.

·         Governor Cuomo proposed a 10 Point Women’s Equality Agenda in January. One key point is equal pay.

·         Almost 700 groups are collaborating to make the Women’s Equality Agenda a reality this year!



·         If the wage gap is closed, the average NY working woman and family would have $8500 in additional wages. That’s enough money for more than a year’s worth of food; 9 additional months of rent; 3 extra years of family health insurance premiums; or more than 2,000 gallons of gas!

·         Due to the wage gap, full-time working women – and New York State – collectively lose more than $22,340,000,000 each year

·         Women head more than 1,000,000 households in New York, and more than 63% of working mothers in New York are primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners.

·         Eliminating the wage gap would provide crucial income to nearly 280,000 New York families living in poverty. In New York, more than 26% percent of women-headed households live below the poverty level.


For more information on: Equal Pay in NY Beverly Neufeld, Director EPCNYC: [email protected]

Suzy Ballantyne, Women’s Equality Agenda:

Suzy Ballantyne
Executive Assistant to the President
New York State AFL-CIO
100 S. Swan Street
Albany, New York 12210

518-436-8516 x 240 office
518-436-6901 fax
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