In an effort to improve the environment, see cleaner air quality in our area and experience less traffic on our roads, the New York State Department of Transportation sponsored program assists individuals, companies and organizations to identify possible rideshare opportunities.  Carpoolers can look for options to ride to work or play with others on a daily basis or every once in a blue moon! 


It’s easy.  


As an environmentally and community focused group, Westchester Environmental Coalition at WESPAC, you may already be aware of the FREE new website that was recently announced regarding a one-stop site for all transportation/travel/commuter related information: and you may wish to add it to your website.


Please encourage your members, employees and contacts to think about ridesharing once in a while and click on the attached 511 Rideshare blurb for further information.


Feel free to contact me with any questions at my office mentioned below.






Employer Outreach Manager

511NY Rideshare

Phone: 845.364.2142

Fax: 845.364.3435

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