I’m here in Washington DC with Witness Against Torture, participating in our annual Fast and Protests to shut down Guantanamo torture prison and stop all torture and wars.  Each day we parade thru downtown DC in orange jumpsuits and black hoods, in solidarity with the prisoners at Guantanamo.  It is quite an attention getter always!  Traffic stops as we cross the streets and tourists take photos, make comments and ask questions.  We stop off in front of three or more appropriate government agencies and landmarks each day to vigil and ‘disrupt the war’.  So far we’ve been to Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon and the Department of (In)Justice.  On January 11 we have a larger march from Congress to the White House, and on January 12 we will join other protesters in front of the CIA in Langley VA to protest drones and other ‘covert’ military operations.  Hope to see some of you at the CIA…more to come later…Hi Ho!…p.s.–Good media coverage including the NY Times, Washington Post, NBC, Democracy Now, etc……
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