Membership Dues 2012

July 2012

Dear Friends and Supporters of WESPAC,
We hope you are all very well.  Have you had a chance to read our latest Summer newsletter?  Please do send in your feedback and take the members survey as your input will help determine our programming for the coming year.

It is that time of year where WESPAC membership dues are being collected.  Dues are set at $100 per person per calendar year or $50 for students and fixed income.  You have the option to volunteer in lieu of payment (mailings, phone banking, office maintenance, website and fundraising) but such an arrangement needs to be formalized with the office ahead of time.

Your ongoing support allows WESPAC to continue to serve as an anchor organization for the social justice community in Westchester and beyond. We have been organizing and providing crucial community meeting space for over thirty-eight years. We link domestic campaigns with international solidarity relating to racial justice and prisoner rights; environment, anti-fracking and clean energy; economic fairness; Palestine, militarism and the use of weaponized and surveillance drones.
Here is what this year’s honorees say about supporting WESPAC:


WESPAC is an essential Westchester institution, working to educate and mobilize residents toward making our society more just and fair.” Rachel Estroff


By enabling collaborations among community groups, WESPAC forges constructive paths to building a more just and equitable society in Westchester.” Cora Miles

“WESPAC speaks for the speechless and fights for those who are battered and abused by an unjust and inhumane system.  WESPAC is an organization that works, educates and inspires us all to find a better way.  We should support it as it supports us all.” Gary Shaw

Please pay your tax-deductible dues today via the paypal button at or by check in the enclosed envelope.  We are asking for all membership dues to be received by September 1, 2012.  If you have any questions, please call the office at 914.449.6514.

For the WESPAC Family,


Ted De Soyza