The National Religious Campaign Against Torture Action Fund is seeking a person (a “bird-dogger”) in southern New York (north of New York City and south of Poughkeepsie) and a bird-dogger in southeast Florida, who will attend congressional candidate events to ask questions about torture. 
The targeted races in New York will include the 17th and18th congressional districts among other districts. The targeted races in Florida will include the 18th congressional district (West Palm Beach) and the Senate race among other potential targets.  The bird-dogger should be based in the Miami, West Palm Beach, or Orlando areas (or be willing to commute to those areas on a regular basis to attend candidate events).
The position pays $1500 and it is expected the individual will attend at least 12 campaign events. It starts August 15 and will end November 6.
For the New York full position announcement and details on how to apply, go to For the Florida version go to

Please send the job description to those you know who might be interested. The position will remain open until it is filled. Thank you for your help.
Rev. Richard L. Killmer
Executive Director
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
110 Maryland Ave. NE, Suite 502
Washington, DC 20002
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