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Congratulations and thank you to all the organizers for the tremendous effort in putting together this event under extremely challenging conditions! When the wind blew a table upside down we knew it was time to collect the flyers off the tables.  It was great for the kids to learn about Citizens United by playing a fun tossing game. We made great new connections.  Onward!



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Hello everyone!


Both Andrew Courtney (WESPAC) and Dina Sciortino (White Plains Patch) took beautiful photos from yesterday's Occupy May Day Westchester that was held at the White Plains Library Plaza.  It was a bit of a windy, blustery day with two glass bottles of juice falling off tables and making a mess (thank you so much to all who helped clean up including Diane, Carol and Roger and others!).  We spent good time running after flyers that were flying off tables.


You will see Ted in her clown outfit with the sign "Stop Clowning with Our Lives" and Jeanne was very photogenic with her famous hat with all the buttons including "Close Indian Point".  Geoff wrote up a sign "Justice for Kenneth Chamberlain" and Alberto and Marlen wore fabulous t-shirts: "Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic".  Thank you Betsy (and kids!) and HVCC for coming out and supporting. And to Bart Worden and Oliver and Beverly Swift (Ethical Culture), Marilyn Katz, Murray Beaver, Priscilla Read (JVP), Linda Berns (LHV Civil Liberties Union), Cora Miles (ARA and MLK Institute), and members from CVH and to all of you.


Thank you so much to Rachel for all your amazing work and leadership on this and for bringing your beautiful children, and thank you to all the other lead organizers including Marjorie (, Teal, Dennis (MVUT), Steve, Diane, Carol, Ted, Diane and several more . The large banner ended up working very well for the march around downtown where people wrote their thoughts, as well as the games for kids and adults that Rachel and Steve organized. A big thank you to our musician, John Scardina from City Island who donated his time and to Ted for inviting him.  A big thank you to Elias for helping us financially so that we were able to print thousands of beautiful postcards and posters and buy food and supplies for yesterday.  Thank you, Dina, for coming out and covering the event:


I will send Andrew's photos as there are too many for the listservs; and please join us on Thursday, May 10th at 7pm at the Greenburgh Town Hall on the 2nd Floor for our evaluation mtg and next steps.






Nada,  Share with the others if you like.    Andrew
















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