This year Gary and I are planning to walk with them on Sunday, March 11
from Shoprite Shopping Center in Croton to Vigil at Indian Point, @1PM. (Not yet sure what time we begin.)

(I hope others will be inspired to join in for all or part of the walk.  It's a long hilly walk (about 7 miles – maybe a bit less) but I am counting on the spirit to move me.) 

On Monday, March 12, there will be a 12 Noon vigil in White Plains at Entergy HQ.on Hamilton Ave.
(Just off B'way – not far from WESPAC HQ.) There will be no particular walking involved (unless anyone prefers to walk from WESPAC HQ to the vigil.)

More info on the many other Fukushima Week activities as they take better shape.  It will all be posted on Face Book but I will also send it out on this list as I know it.  When the whole sched is known I will also include WESPAC Announcements.