Dec. 10th Voting Rights Mobilization is Underway!


Last week’s meeting to get the NYC area organizing for the Dec. 10th Voting Rights Mobilization up and running was a big success. With over 80 people attending from a wide range of organizations we were able to solidify the broad interest in this effort. Those of you who attended the meeting – and we thank you for your participation – heard the presentations by Ben Jealous (NAACP), Keesha Gaskins (Brennan Center for Justice) and Ryan Haygood (NAACP Legal Defense Fund) which made it clear how serious the assault of the right to vote is, and why a public outcry is so urgently needed.
The plans for the Saturday, Dec. 10th mobilization here in NYC are all coming together. We will assemble at 11 am at 61st Street and Madison Ave. at the NYC office of Koch Industries – the Koch brothers are major funders of the nationwide effort to chip away at the voting rights of millions of people. From there we’ll march to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across from the United Nations at 47th Street and 2nd Ave. where there will be a rally starting at 12 noon. December 10th is UN International Human Rights Day and we’re making the point that the systematic attack on voting rights is a human rights violation, and one the international community needs to pay attention to!
The work between now and Dec. 10th is clear cut: we need to make sure that everyone in the greater NYC area knows about this timely mobilization.
Your organization can play a vital role in ensuring the success of this effort. We know how busy each of your organizations is, but your support will make a tremendous difference.
Endorse Dec. 10th
If your organization has not yet endorsed the Dec. 10th Voting Rights Mobilization please do so as quickly as possible. By endorsing you are giving us permission to use your organization’s name in organizing materials and the publicity for the effort. Attached to this memo is the endorsement form, which has the information on how to get it back to us. It it important that we get your endorsement in writing so there is no confusion. Those of you who already gave us your endorsement form do not have to do this again.
Spread the Word
We’re asking every organization to focus on your own membership and constituency to make sure they all know about the Dec. 10th march and rally. You know the best ways to reach your folks, but we hope you will be able to use some combination of email notices, information on your website, distribution of leaflets at your own events, announcements at meetings and phone calls.  If you have chapters, affiliates or members around the tri-state area please make sure they also know about this event. We welcome their participation!
Use Our Website and Social Media
On our website you will find links to organizing materials, as well as educational and informational pieces on the issue. English and Spanish versions of our organizing leaflet is there to download and copy, and we will soon be adding leaflets in several other languages. We’ll also be posting updates with more details about the day, the list of endorsing groups, etc. It would be great to put a link to our website on the home page of your site! There’s also a Facebook page and Twitter account.
The attack on our voting rights is a real threat to our democracy. Throughout our history our human and civil rights have needed to be vigorously defended and protected. In this season of exciting activism and creative street heat our demand for the full right to vote must be heard. Please help us build the timely and important Dec. 10th Voting Rights Mobilization.
Please call us if you have any questions, need more information, or have ideas for ways to help us spread the word.
Leslie Cagan
Lead Organizer, Dec. 10th Mobilization