Dear WESPAC supporters,

WESPAC has been very busy the past few months. The Food Justice Committee recently held a very successful food justice gathering. This meeting brought in many new people, who will be working to fight for access to good quality food for everyone and ensure human rights are respected throughout our food system. WESPAC also convened a recent march for Palestinian rights in Manhattan, held by a large coalition of groups. Coinciding with this, the ‘Be On Our Side’ subway ad campaign launched across NYC. Here is a great CNN article about the campaign: <> WESPAC is the fiscal sponsor for this campaign. On top of that, WESPAC just held a panel discussion on Manning Marable’s new book on Malcolm X.  Now is the perfect moment to donate and become a member, as there’s so much happening.


Personally, I’ve given a significant contribution to WESPAC this year, and again I renewed my membership. I give because I respect WESPAC’s history of organizing for the past 35 years, and I want to secure the future of WESPAC for the next 35. As a younger member of WESPAC (I am 25) I see the ability WESPAC could have to expand our work to organize more youth throughout the county.



With that goal, we’re launching a ‘Double Our Donors, Double Our Donations’ campaign. Last year, WESPAC generated over $7,500 in membership dues and we want to double that. You can donate via paypal by going to the WESPAC website and clicking ‘Donate’ on the left hand side. <> Or send a check or money order to: WESPAC Foundation, Inc. 52 North Broadway White Plains, NY 10603.


Many people on our email list do not receive snail mail, so we’re sending this appeal again.  If you’re one of the many people who count on the emails you receive from the WESPAC list—now is the moment to give! Below is the original appeal letter. Thanks in advance! If you have any questions, call the office at 914.449.6514.

Yours truly,
Roger Drew
WESPAC Advisory Board Member

PS. Looking for other ways to help? We hope you’re able to send a monetary donation—everything helps. But we also know economic times are hard for everyone. We welcome in-kind donations of services and items. For example, we’re in need of someone to help redesign the website and there is always a need for graphic design skills to create flyers. You could also volunteer to come in once a week and help with office work! Everything is appreciated.



Membership Dues 2011

July 23, 2011

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all very well.  Have you had a chance to see our latest “Summer Update”?  Please do take the time to browse the newsletter online at

It is that time of year where WESPAC membership dues are being collected.  Dues are set at $100 per person per calendar year or $50 for students and fixed income.  You have the option to volunteer in lieu of payment (mailings, phone banking, office maintenance, website and fundraising) but such an arrangement needs to be formalized with the membership committee ahead of time.
Membership benefits include access to our organizing space for your meeting, posting to WESPAC lists, creating your own blog on the WESPAC website, a $100 deduction for the Undoing Racism training (fee is $350, for WESPAC members $250), voting at the annual meeting and voting in surveys to help WESPAC decide whether or not to take positions on a variety of issues.
We are really pleased that several WESPAC lists continue to grow in size with crucial information that is shared to all on the list.  We would like this important source of information to continue but only members in good standing will be able to post messages to WESPAC lists.  If you are not on our e-mail list and would like to be, please send an e-mail to [email protected] .
Please pay your dues today via the paypal button on our website or by check in the enclosed envelope.  We are asking for all membership dues to be received by September 1, 2011.  If you have any questions, please call the office at 914.449.6514.

For the WESPAC Family,


Gayle Dunkelberger, Ted De Soyza, Jeanne Shaw, Sue and Phil Likes