August 29, 2001
Gayla Jamison, Producer-Director
In Our Son’s Name
Lightfoot Films, Inc.

I’m pleased to announce that Al Jazeera English is picking up a halfhour
version of my documentary, In Our Son’s Name, to air September
6-11 as part of their award-winning series, “Witness.” Al Jazeera
English channels reach millions of viewers in the Middle East, North
Africa , UK , Canada and Australia. US viewers may find the film at and other outlets

In Our Son’s Name is an intimate portrait of Phyllis and Orlando
Rodriguez, whose son’s death in the World Trade Center on September
11, 2001, leads them to question conventional ideas of justice and
retribution. Their quest for healing crosses cultural, religious and
national boundaries as they speak out against war in Afghanistan and
Iraq, support the defense of Zacarias Moussaoui – convicted of
conspiracy in the attack, and befriend Moussaoui’s mother, Aïcha el-
Wafi. This powerful story of personal courage challenges conventional
concepts of justice and healing in the aftermath of violence.

In the NYC area Al Jazeera is carried on Time Warner Cable Channel
92, in the Washington, DC, area on Comcast Channel 275, Cox Channel
474 and Verizon FIOS Channel 457. The program will be available
streaming on the Al Jazeera English website: http://

On September 11, the film will premier on LinkTV – Channel 375 on
DirecTV and Channel 9410 on Dish Network, as well as on a number of
cable channels around the country that may be found by visiting http:// For program schedule, check airtimes at Viewers may also find the film online at