Hi! I follow Maggie Doyne’s blog every day. She’s amazing — happened to be traveling in Nepal when she was 19 and saw little girls breaking rocks by the road to make a living. She discovered that they were orphans, and decided to build a children’s home. Now she’s 24 and has 40 kids! She’s also built a school, and that has 240 pupils, I think. She’s incredible.
Sadly after a recent trip home the 32 laptops she got donated were confiscated by the customs people, along with other supplies.
Could WESPAC members send off some emails and spread the word to friends, perhaps? Maggie’s from Mendham, NJ.
Here’s her most recent post. She sounds really dejected, which for me is as sad as losing the items. A lot of people have already emailed the customs administrator, and I’ve emailed the Nepal ambassador to the UN too.