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WESPAC Foundation Joins U.S. and International Human Rights Organizations

in Opposing Execution of Devenderpal Singh Bhullar


Statement of Charles Bell, Human Rights Advocate, WESPAC Foundation:


WESPAC Foundation, a peace and social justice organization based in Westchester County, NY, joins with U.S. and international human rights organizations in opposing the execution of Devenderpal Singh Bullar, who is facing execution in India.   


We are greatly concerned by the concerns that have been expressed by legal authorities and human rights organizations that have investigated this case.   We are especially concerned by the many definitive indications that Mr. Deverderpal S. Bhullar did not receive a fair trial, and was found guilty solely on the basis of an unsubstantiated confession he made in police custody, under the duress of mistreatment and torture.   Since that unfair trial forms the basis for the criminal penalty the government of India seeks to impose, the criminal penalty could not be just in this case.  


The serious, unacceptable irregularities in Mr. Bhullar’s conviction and death sentence have now reached a broad international audience.   The facts of this case are being discussed by human rights advocates and diplomats at the United Nations in New York, and in many other cities and communities around the globe.   As a U.S. human rights organization, we respectfully request for the Government of India to conduct a fresh, impartial and independent review of this case.  We strongly urge the Government of India to listen to the international community, by taking appropriate steps to remove the threat of execution, which we regard as an unacceptable and inappropriate legal penalty that undermines human dignity and respect for human rights.  


We also join with the many other organizations here today to urge the United Nations to intervene in this case, to halt Mr. Bhullar’s execution pursuant to U.N. General Assembly Resolution 62/149 of 2008.  We commend the organizers of this rally for the strong support and solidarity that they have shown for Mr. Bhullar, his mother and his family.  We urge the United Nations to promptly respond to your call for action in this critical, time-sensitive case.  We are all watching to see what the government of India will do, and what the United Nations will do, to halt this unjust and unfair execution.  We believe that international public opinion can not only be persuasive when it comes to issues of international human rights – it can be decisive.    As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  We stand with you in your struggle for Mr. Bhullar’s life and well-being, and for fair legal and judicial systems characterized the rule of due process, and full respect for human and civil rights.


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