When: Tuesday, July 19, 4:30 – 6 PM


Where: TIAA-CREF headquarters 730 Third Ave (at 45th St)


What: Street protest for divestment from Israel's occupation, with creative chants and songs


New Flashmob Video: http://bit.ly/flashTC


Why: July 19th is the day of TIAA-CREF's annual shareholders' meeting, held this year in Charlotte, NC. As part of a national campaign, human rights activists in cities across the US will protest to ask retirement-fund giant TIAA-CREF to divest from the Israeli occupation. TIAA-CREF's motto is "For the Greater Good," but this year, TIAA-CREF leadership refused to allow a shareholder resolution for divestment from Israeli occupation to be placed on the ballot at the annual shareholder meeting. Tell TIAA-CREF they can't escape the call for divestment!


Organized by Adalah-NY: The NY Campaign for the Boycott of Israel, Code Pink-NYC, and Jewish Voice for Peace (list in formation)


For more information, visit www.wedivest.org.