Join the United Palestine Solidarity Contingent at the


April 9 Anti-War March/Rally in NYC!




On April 9 in New York City, the United National Anti-War Committee (UNAC) is organizing an anti-war march and rally to demand an end to all US wars and occupations and an end to all US aid to Israel. 


Our movement should view the occupation of Palestine, and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, as intrinsically linked. The US government, which is directly occupying the latter two countries, also props up the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, funding and arming apartheid Israel to the tune of three billion dollars a year.


We should keep in mind that the same federal government that has spied on and harassed anti-war activists for a decade has also targeted Palestine solidarity activists. UNAC has clearly and unequivocally condemned the recent FBI raids, and has also consistently put confronting Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism at the center of its organizing. For this reason, our participation in these marches as Palestine solidarity activists is critical: the public discourse is changing and we have a chance to come out in droves, linking together these issues and building a powerful movement that challenges war, racism and occupation, from Iraq to Palestine.


Over 500 endorsers include Ali Abunimah,  Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ann Wright, Ilan Pappe, US Palestinian Community Network, Al-Awda NY, Code Pink, Palestine Right of Return Coalition, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, SJP’s from many campuses, Middle East Crisis Committee,  Middle East Children’s Alliance, and many others. Palestine BDS leader Omar Barghouti is expected to speak.


With this in mind, UNAC is calling for a United Palestine Solidarity Contingent for the march. Such a contingent will strengthen our message of support for Palestinian self-determination. Furthermore, it represents a great networking opportunity for Palestine solidarity activists. 



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