Hello everyone,
UNAC’s programming committee for April 9th has invited Harvey Wasserman to speak on stage at the mass mobilization to bring the war dollars home.  Harvey is a well-known anti-nuclear energy activist and expert.  He is looking for a place to stay April 9th  overnight and would be happy to speak to community groups on Sunday, April 10th.  There is a chance he might stay over for the April 11th teach in in Greenburgh with enough notice.
Please let me know if you would like to host him and arrange a speaking engagement for him on Sunday, April 10th or if you would like to ask him about speaking at the community forum on April 11th.
On another note, it would be fabulous to have a “Close Indian Point” contingent at the mass rally on April 9th.  There is certainly lots of public sentiment in support.  Who can take the lead on organizing such a contingent?  I am organizing the WESPAC contingent and we would be happy to march next to “Close Indian Point” contingent.