Write to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo online and tell him why closing Indian Point is important to you. Ask him to use the power of his office to prevent the relicensing of Indian Point. Or download, print and mail THIS LETTER to: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Executive Chamber, State Capitol, Albany, New York, 12224. Or fax 518-474-1513.

Or write to Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. Thank him for his “plan to work toward an energy future without the Indian Point nuclear power plant.” Ask him to continue to prevent the relicensing of Indian Point. Write to: New York State Office of the Attorney General, The Capitol, Albany, New York, 12224. Or call him at 518- 474-7330.

 PRINT OUT THIS FLYER about Indian Point and give it to your friends and neighbors. Give them the facts they don't see in the media. Share your concerns, listen to their questions. If you need help with answers, call 1-888-I-Shut-It (1-888-474-8848).

If you can do more, arrange a get together of friends or colleagues focused on Indian Point. Call the IPSEC Speakers Bureau so that you can have someone there to help answer the tough questions. Call us for help at 1-888-474-8848.

 Since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe in Japan, Beyond Nuclear is providing constant updates on the home page of its website. And you can find information about the meltdown at thee Fukushima Daiichi plant here.


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