Thirteen people (including two students) attended the meeting last night (March 10, 2011) at WESPAC to build March 19th and April 9th (Larry, Janet, Sky, Sara, Carolyn, Nicole, Ted, John, Chuck, Fioren, Nada, Joanne, Ellie).

Chuck gave a brief update about March 19th – it unfortunately conflicts with the Left Forum being organized for the same weekend.  Nonetheless, there are people from Westchester going down and would welcome others to join the Westchester contingent.  Part of March 19th includes a march to the prison where Bradley Manning is being held in solitary confinement for allegedly releasing classified information to wikileaks.  The US Army has filed 22 new charges against Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, including a charge of "aiding the enemy" that could carry the death penalty.  It is crucial that peace activists show support to those who are taking enormous risks to expose the war profiteers.

Sky gave a comprehensive update about plans for April 9th, including news that the union 1199 has now endorsed April 9th under the banner "Money for Jobs Not War".  1199 has 300,000 members.  John and Carolyn from the Bronx will speak to other unions to encourage endorsement of April 9th, now that 1199 has signed on.

Sky mentioned that one of the key union leaders from Madison will be a featured speaker at the April 9th rally and march (marching down Broadway from Union Square to Foley Square).  He will keep us posted with other developments regarding speakers and entertainment for April 9th.  He is working to make the Facebook page a more youth-led page.

Chuck will create and send out a "Peace Train" schedule, so that folks from around the county can aim to meet at Grand Central around the same time and travel down to Union Square together.  Nada will find out if we can just designate an area for Westchester County participants or if that needs to be coordinated with the organizers. 

Joanne will check with NAACP-Yonkers and Black Women's Political Caucus to see if they will endorse and join the Westchester contingent.  Nicole and Fioren will check with their respective schools to build support.  Ted will check with NAACP in New Rochelle as well as with AMWA.

Pastor Larry said we could announce at Sunday Service in White Plains.  We would love the UU churches in Westchester to announce, endorse and build support among their congregants.

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, March 17th at 7pm at the WESPAC Office.  Yes, St. Patrick's Day!  Bring Irish Soda Bread to share,