Good Day All,
  Today awoke as if the tinder of the sky was sparked by a flint manifested by the birdsong's and tree buds of early Spring. As the clouds took their shape around the yawning body of the suns awakening, the warm airs carried the subtle hints of transition, of reawakening. The sap will flow this week, some birds will return, and the ground will thaw. Spring is here…

  For those of you planning to sow seeds this coming growing season…the Hudson Valley Seed Library is a Hudson Valley based, seed business that grows, collects and sells regionally produced heirloom vegetable and herb seeds. If you visit their website ( and place an order with them, at Check Out you will see a box labeled Green$eeds – in this box you can enter the code FB4W. Once you do this, Hudson Valley Seed Library will donate 25% of the sale to us at the Food Bank for Westchester. This is an opportunity to receive great heirloom seeds while supporting a wonderful regional business and a local non-profit addressing hunger in the county. So remember…Order-Check Out-ENTER FB4W-Receive and Plant Seeds-Eat Well-Save Seeds…
  Some other seed companies:
Seed Savers Exchange (
Fedco Seeds (
High Mowing Organic Seeds (
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (
Johnny's Selected Seeds (

I have attached a couple articles I wanted to share with you all:
– a "true seasons calendar" about celebrating our seasons with a greater knowledge
– a publication about the gradual loss of nutrients in our food supply over the past few decades, and what we can do about it
– an article about the Westchester Land Trust and the Farmer Match Program

  To keep warm, I'll be milling and the "reds" will be laying…
– available for you: whole wheat/oat flour, rolled wheat/oats, cracked wheat/oats – please contact me
– available for you: Ryder Farm organic eggs – please call Hall Gibson at 845-279-3984 or e-mail to [email protected]

  Myself along with InterGenerate ( will be starting a member-run cooperative focusing on working with, learning about and raising heritage breed chickens.
Based at the John Jay Homestead in Katonah, NY, this cooperative is designed to provide an opportunity for those wanting to work with chickens but don't have the space to at home, would like to receive fresh eggs weekly, and/or for those who are interested in supporting and learning about heritage and threatened breeds of animals. This cooperative will be open to anyone, yet there is limited room for this first year. Attached, please find a copy of our brochure, and if you are interested in joining please register.


  I would like to take this chance and space to ask any of you with the interest and ability to direct support to the Food Bank for Westchester and our efforts to bring food to individuals and families of Westchester County that experience hunger. There are approximately 200,000 individuals (homeless, children, single-parents, elderly, working poor) throughout Westchester that are at threat of hunger. We as the Food Bank, provide as much as we can and to as many as we can, and our efforts are great, but we do face many obstacles, including space and funding. We have a limited space within our warehouse (where we store the food and other items) and are currently looking for a larger area so we can hold more food and thus supply more people. Acquiring the funding that we need to function as a non-profit is also a necessity, and as for many non-profits, the majority of our financial funding is from private donations, and anything is greatly appreciated. If you would like to support the Food Bank please contact:
   – for financial donations – Katy Coppinger at [email protected].
   – for volunteering and food donations – Nancy Lyons at [email protected].
   – you can also call 914-923-1100 and ask for Katy or Nancy.
  The Food Bank has afforded me an opportunity to grow food for distribution to the folks we provide food to, and for this opportunity I am very grateful.
  If you can donate, or even if you cannot, I thank you.

Have a good one…