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February 15, 2011




            The picture of Rep. Nita Lowey giving a talk “Defending Israel in the 21st century” (Journal News, Feb. 14, p. 14) reminded me of an Israeli joke:   Why wouldn’t Israel want to be the 51st state?   Because then they would only have two representatives in the US congress. 

            For decades the Zionists have maintained a 19th century colonial enterprise in the country of Palestine, whereby land is taken from Palestinian “natives” by hook or crook and sold to new immigrants.   I don’t think Palestine should be a private club with restricted membership, any more than should South Africa. 

            I found the picture a little embarrassing and sadly out of touch with mideast realities.   Perhaps in her spare time, Rep. Lowey should review the articles of the Geneva convention dealing with the treatment of people under military occupation.   Or perhaps consider making AIPAC, the Israel lobby, register as an agent of a foreign government. 






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